Saturday, July 18, 2009


Finally! Finally, the Nationals let that dead weight, known as Manny Acta, go. I think I can speak for every member of National Nation, when I say, it is about frickin' time! You can only give a man so many chances. Manny Acta couldn't win despite being handed all the tools to make it happen.

Terrible General Manager? Check.

Awful farm system? You betcha.

More corner outfielders to clog the basepaths than you can wag a stick at? Most definitely.

Young malcontents? Of course.

An ace to carry the pitching staff? Um, hell-ooooo, John Lannan

Solid bullpen? Two words....Joel Hanrahan

The point here, is it's Crystal Pepsi clear that Manny Acta was given every chance possible to succeed. I mean how long could this go on for?

At some point the Nats front office had to be all, "Alright, we can't take anymore. How many more weapons can we give him to fritter away? It's like we've got the perfect blueprint for a top notch house, but our contractor doesn't know where the walls go! Honestly people, I cannot think of another major league manager who could not win with what we're giving him! It's ri-galdarn-diculous! He is ruining this storied franchise!"

So, fare-the-well Manny Acta. I don't know how you lasted this long, or how you will ever get another job in baseball, after ruining the sport altogether, in our nation's capital? But best of luck to ya, wherever you may land.

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