Wednesday, March 09, 2005

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad March

Ahh, it's that time of year. The time of year when almost every Division I college basketball team as a shot at winning it all. Theoretically that is. A time of year when everyone looks to have their "One Shining Moment". It's a time when basketball is pure and beautiful. But more importantly, it's the time of year to take days off of work to start drinking at 12:07 in the afternoon and scream at your television, cheering on a bunch of chucklehouses you may never have heard of before now, to upset a big time powerhouse in the NCAA tourney. And it could just happen.

Oh I love it! The NCAA Tournament is just plain super! A time when everyone and their mother's has some sort of tournament pool. It's where names like Drew, Smart, Whittenburg and even Cipolla can be heroes. It's where guys like Harold Arcineaux (minus one lamp, thanks to Toastie.) can shine, if just, for a moment, on the national stage. It's where Spiders can take down Wildcats! Where Friars forsake Blue Devils. Where Crusaders edge Rebels. Where the nation learns what the heck a Jasper is. It' where you have to look out for Chippewas, Catamounts and Utes, oh my! A time when you can feel the thrill of picking a big time upset and the agony of losing one of your Final Four teams in a manner of seconds. Where Bulldogs and Wildcats are everywhere, or so it seems. It's a time for playing, "hey whatever happened to......Tyson Wheeler, Peter Santangelo, Carmelo Travieso, Otis Hill, Danya Abrams, etcetera, etcetera. Oh and there's montages, oh boy are there montages, that make me feel oh so warm and fuzzy inside. It's a glorious, glorious thing. Enjoy the madness!

"Every kid with a hoop and a dream hopes, above all, to someday play, in the Final Four."*
-Jim Nantz

*- Of course the quote is no longer that accurate as every kid with hoop and a dream now hopes, above all, of making big bucks out of high school, and inking a shoe deal.

Congratulations to the following Syracuse players on their postseason hardware:
Hakim Warrick, Big East Player of the Year and First Team All Big East
Gerry Mcnamara-1st team All Big East
Craig Forth-Academic All-American
Josh Pace- Big East Sportsmanship Award, 3rd team All Big East

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