Sunday, February 27, 2005

Did Uncle Jitter see his shadow and other not-so current events....

Well the title of my blog is referencing the fact that I have not been online in well over a fortnight and therefore everything in here is old news, which I believe, is an oxymoron. First off, Birthdays. Happy belated birthday to our Uncle Jitter over in Portu-goal! His birthday was February 2nd (otherwise known as groundhog's day) ! I believe he did see his shadow which means three more months of Jitter-less drinking. Dang-it! Also we had the annual celebration of William Herbert Shannon's entrance into this world. We went to Clark's and we laughed, like chums. I picked him up the Marv Levy book, Wherelse Would You Rather Be? and a two disc set of afterschool specials from the mid to late 70s (one featuring Kristy McNichol of Empty Nest fame) presented nicely in a mock Trapper Keeper, all for my good pal Billy-ball. We also clebrated the birthday of Bill's better half, Rage KJ at the Change of Pace , whilst watching the Orange lose to the turncoat Boston College Eagles.

In other not so new, news, the New England Patriots won their third Super Bowl in four years. A feat which is impressive in any era. But I just wanted to say that I don't think these Patriots teams would beat the old dynasties of say Pittsburgh or Dallas and I wish people would stop making comparisons. Now I am a Pats fan born and raised, and I have a tattered winter hat to prove it (it's actually older than some of the people I work with), but this year's victory was just not as exciting for me as the last couple. I mean I'm happy, they're my squad and all, but, without trying to sound snooty, it's just like business as usual. There's no mystery or excitement of the playoff hunt. They weren't underdogs. Plus I like the Eagles and McNabb. It was like, if they win, great, if not, no big deal I know what it feels like and I wouldn't mind seeing Philly getting over the hump. But now I can turn my focus to Men's College Basketball full-time. Now I don't know much of what's happening outside of the Big East, but here's what I think:

Nevada and Pacific are both ranked in the Top 25. And to me Pacific doesn't even sound like a real school. It sounds like one those schools, made-up for a sit-com or teen drama. I just hope they can get by Bayside and Valley in their conference tourney. As for Nevada, wee they're my favorite underdog team that doesn't play in Vermont. But mark my words the Catamounts and Wolf Pack could cause some major problems for their opponents in the tourney. With guys named Fazekas and Coppenrath, how could ya not?
Syracuse can't seem to beat any ranked opponents, which frustrates me. But I still feel they can reach the Elite Eight.
Call me crazy, but I don't think Illinois is not all that good. There. I said it.
No self-respecting Big East fan should cheer for BC in the tourney, but instead should cheer for Louisville and Cincinnati, a part of the 2005-06 revamped Bigger East.
I'm still undecided as to which conference is more overrated The Big Twelve or the ACC. But we all know the ACC is A-S-S! At that ain't know beat poetry JJ Reddick!
You're telling me with his grades, Screech couldn't of gone somewhere better than Cal? I mean Zack got into Yale for crying out loud.
ITT Tech won't make the field of 65, despite a good showing against NETTS (the New England Tractor Trailer Truck Driving School)
I will see random teams that I've never seen play before, perform well in their Conference Tournaments and pick them to pull off upsets in the actual tournaments. They will proceed to be blown out in the first round, quickly ending my chances of winning any of my tourney pools.
God I love March!! It's Madness!

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  1. I agree with everything you said, except the part about the Big 12. The Big 12 has some really interesting teams, 2 legit final four teams in KS and Oklahoma State, and two more legit tourney teams in Texas Tech and Oklahoma. Texas nay surprise some people if Gibson keeps improving, and I think Iowa State is really interesting if they get in. On four consecutive Saturdays, they beat Oklahoma, OSU, Texas Tech and Kansas. Then turned around and lost last week to Nebraska on a Tuesday, which won't matter in the tournament as no games are played on a Tuesday.