Monday, January 31, 2005

Who's Wearing Old Spice?

And cue one of Toastie's riotous laughing fits at his favorite quote from the Man Who Knew Too Little. No, no, not me, it's a mooovie, with Bill Murray. One, which I recently bought on DVD and I happen to know Javen owns on VHS. Kids, VHS is how we watched movies before DVD! It's also the only way to buy Teen Wolf. Literally. I think anyways. What was I talking about? Oh, right, nothing in particular. Oh, I know DVDs. I've been buying them like crazy of late! Some of them are so cheap it's great! Over this past week I bought The Dream Team (which Danny owns on VHS) and Mr. Mom, as well. Micheal Keaton was a comedic genius, what happened? And did anyone, besides Bill probably, know his birth name is Micheal Douglas? He had to change it because the SAG (Screen Actors Guild for those not in the know) doesn't allow two of the same name or something like that? He picked the name Keaton because of Buster Keaton. And that concludes today's edition of Micheal Keaton trivia. Anyways, I'm sort of bummed because I can't seem to find Gung-Ho to complete the brilliant Micheal Keaton 80s gift pack. All three of these movies are just pure genius, I don't care what anyone says.

As you can see I have nothing to really talk about, but just felt like typing. But seriously, if anyone has any knowledge as to where and when I could pick up Gung-Ho on DVD, let me know ASAP! I mean besides Keaton, it's got George Wendt-Cheers'-Norm, The Donger from Sixteen Candles and some black guy who gets hit in the nether regions buy a lady's shopping cart, which leads to this exchange:
Lady: Oh, my eggs!
Black Guy: Your eggs?!

Guess you have to see it for yourself.
Alright, in the next issue we'll learn more about Steve Guttenburg

And remember, "trying is the first step on the path to failure."

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  1. I love the scene from "the man who knew too little" where our heros (Murray and the hot girl) are in the mini just getting chased by the cops and the Russians; Bill Murray just drives around in circles and runs over the cones, all Alfred Molina can keep saying is that Murray is the most brilliant spy he's ever encountered. And you're right, I laughed like crazy at the title, almost as hard as I did when I read my Simpsons Trivia question of the day off the desk calender and featured on it was a shot of Homer's high school yearbook photo where he is all drunk and his senior quote was "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!" Good times, I'll see if I can find it and post it on my blog.