Thursday, December 22, 2005


Okay so, you knew it was coming, so get that look of surprise of your face! Johnny Damon is a Yankee, and I'm pissed off. I'm mad at Damon, the Yankees and most of all the Red Sox management and ownership. So this will be a quick three part blog.

Part One: Yankees suck!
I'll just get this out of the way. It's the easiest one, and really it has nothing to do with them signing Damon. As you may know I pretty much loathe/ despise the Yankees and everything about them. They did what they had to do, but I still hate them. And that's all I have to say about that.

Part Two: Damon is an ass!
All that talk about team unity and wanting to win again in Boston is purely bs. Is there no loyalty in sports at all! It seemed pretty apparent that Damon would not be spending 2006 in Boston, but the Yankees! THE YANKEES!!! I mean you can't go from talking trash about the Yankees, brawling with the Yankees, helping to defeat the Yankees en route to the first World Series victory in Boston since 1918, to becoming a Yankee! Well, apparently you can.

Part Three: What were the Sawx thinking?
The Yankees gave Damon $52 million over 4 years, a number the Sawx could easily have coughed up. There problem was with the length of the contract. Huh? Last time I checked contracts were just a formality. How many athletes actually fullfill their original contracts these days? That and the fact that we've yet to see any major decline in Damons numbers. I mean Julio Franco is 87 years old and he's still going strong. There's also that slight problem of the Red Sawx having no one to play centerfield. Yeah, way to think it through. No need for a lead off hitter who hits over .300 and can drive in 75 runs. And what about lifelong Red Sawx fan Matt Damon? All those shirts and jerseys he may have with the name Damon on the back, must now be destroyed. So to 'lil Matty Damon I say, "I feel your pain and hope this will not hinder in any way the making of Ocean's 13 or the Bourne Insanity."


  1. Dang it Willie Moe. Merry Christmas huh?? Garbage Damon. I like how some yankee fans are saying that they aren't happy with the acqusition of Damon. Are you @*#(&($!% kidding me!! WE have to get all riled up and bombed and have a true airing of grievances. Hope the holiday at home was good times.

  2. I am not happy with the acquisition of Damon.

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    I'm sure I'll eat my words (laughter?) soon enough. The pessimist in me says he'll suck this year or he'll get badly injured or something. Maybe even both!

    Red Sox or Yankee, I'd still do him.

    I'll quit while I'm ahead. It's the rum balls talking.