Monday, January 23, 2006

This Blog Sucks??!!

It's been quite awhile since my last blog and there are a lot of things I need to get off my chest. So I will briefly and erratically touch on many things in this blog, so try and keep up. Now since my last blog I have been drinking, toasted, bojanglin, and on more than one occassion no one has cared what I thought. On that note, for the first time ever on Bitterness is a Fish You Can Catch, I'm opening up the old mailbag:

William Herbert from Rochester, NY asks:
We all know that you are a die hard New England Patriots fan, and also that you have a tendency to lash out in fits of bitter rage, so did "Bitter Willie" make an appearance as the Denver Broncos ended the Patriots' current reign?

Excellent question William. "Bitter Willie" has actaully been on hiatus and has made very few appearences over the past few months. Something that, I know, comes as a major disappointment to my many readers (at least five in number). But allow me to touch on that fateful Saturday night. I watched the game with my chums, Toastie and Kyle. I was just getting drunk and having a grand old time. Now while I was dismayed and the demise of the Patriots, I was not THAT upset. I mean the Patriots have won three of the past Super Bowls, and that's not too shabby. It was, however, disappoining how they pretty much handed that game to the Broncos, basically on a silver platter. The Broncos, did not outplay them and that is still frustrating no matter how many times they've won before. But it was hard to cheer against that sweet, sweet beard of Jake Plummer.

Pete R. asks:
Who do you like in Super Bowl XL so I can bet against them?

Now, I thought once the Kitna era was ushered out in Seattle, it would be the beginning of the end for the Seahawks organization. But alas they were able to turn it around. So mark my words, the Seattle Seahawks will win Super Bowl XL by a score of 34-24.

George Micheal B. asks:
Why are quality programs like Arrested Development and the Office always in jeopardy of being cancelled, while crap like That 70s Shows, Skating With Celebrities or Stacked remain on the air.

Ah, I'm glad you asked George Micheal. You see people are stupid, that's the bottom line. You see the people who think these shows aren't good and want them off the air should be scalded by a Cornballer!

Tim C. from Oregon writes:
Your blog sucks.

Thanks Tim, always great to meet a fan.

Javen B. of Schenectady has a two-part question:
Who will win the MAAC and Why are you so bitter?

Thanks for the question Jav, they're both real head scratchers. Iona looks strong right now, but Manhattan is a MAAC powerhouse. I think Loyola is an outside possibility, although they barely held on against Rider yesterday. Look for the Gaels to take the regular season title, but the MAAC tourney is where they separate the men for the boys, look for the upset special from the Golden Griffins of Canisius. As for the bitterness thing, well I just don't know.

Well I think that's about all from the mailbag for one day.

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  1. More mailbag! And more cowbell! Damnit all. Willie isn't bitter and he never visits the Electric City anymore. Siena is still a MAAC dark horse. They don't have much talent or depth, but they've got plenty of moxie. Moxie in spades, mark my words. Marist could make some noise too. Speaking of noise, I was sitting about 6 feet from your pal Bruiser Flint the other day when he got a technical fould called on him with 6.2 seconds to go in OT. His Drexel Dragons would go on to lose the game by 1. In completely unrelated news (I think), I was born in 1976, the Year of the Dragon!