Tuesday, July 24, 2007


In honor of one of Sportscenter's latest brainstorms, "Who's Now?", we here at "Bitterness" bring you an exciting new segment, simply entitled, "Who's Later". In other words who's more of a "has-been" or "less now"? We think it will be a wonderful addition to the "Bitterness" lineup, so let's get to it and meet today's combatants:

Who's Later:
Drew Carey or Rosie O'Donell?
Yes Drew takes the reigns of one of the most beloved game shows of all time, The Price is Right, but does that make him "now"? I mean I'll admit The Drew Carey show was humorous to me for several seasons, but let's face it, without Ryan Stiles and Diedrich Bader that show would've sunk fast. And as for Who's Line is it Anyway?, well, the least funny moments, by far, had to be the end skits, where Drew would jump in and try and be funny, but would, of course, fail miserably. Now I know that The Price is Right is not a comedic cavalcade, but it needs someone with a bit more class. We still think Alan Thicke would've been the best choice for the job, but that's neither here nor there. As the host of "Whose Line", Drew managed to be the worst part of the show. We would say Drew Carey hasn't been funny in at least, AT LEAST, a decade. And Plinko will never be the same.

Now as for Rosie, well she continues to keep opening her big yap. She doesn't shut up! Rosie of course, was considered to be in the running for the TPIR job, but received a big fat, "NO DICE" from the powers that be. She continues to make news without even having a job, for crying out loud! I mean, when has she ever been "now"? Was it around the time Another Stakeout came out? Okay, possibly when A League of Their Own was out, I'll give her that. But her talk show? Pah-lease! I think Ellen has shown the world how a real lesbian hosts a talk show, am I wrong? Am I? But then again Rosie does have a blog and that's pretty "now", sooooooo.......

Looks too close to call right now. Who do you think is "later"? Let us know, by commenting below!


  1. I agree about Drew Carey, of course. Funny we both felt compelled to mention Plinko. Alan Thicke WOULD have been better!

  2. My vote goes to Rosie.

    She keeps trying to make herself "now" but somehow it never sticks. Plus, she continually talks about how much she "enjoys" Britney Spears, so she's obviously not right in the head.

    That's my vote.