Wednesday, August 08, 2007


In an effort to reach out to even more readers, we have decided every now and then to venture into the world of technology. Yes, technology. Oh, technology sounds boring to you? Well, my friends, technology is everywhere, whether you like it or not, so deal with it. I mean without technology, "Bitterness" wouldn't even exist. Forget about cable, without technology, you'd be watching dust collect on your window sill for entertainment, for pete sake! Without technology, we'd still be hunting woolly mammoths, so we could have dinner, as there would be no way for Hardee's to operate without any modern technology. Heat lamps, hello?! So as you can see, this technology thing is probably here to stay, so we here at "Bitterness" are gonna keep you updated on the latest innovations. So if they're coming out with a flying Yugo, you'll here all about it, right here. So what does the "Bitterness" technology department have to show us this week? Let's see:

The Microsoft Surface:

Finally a computer, that's also a coffee table! Awesome.

The Wii Fit:

Technology sure has come along way. We'd like to thank sarcasticgamer for our video this week, until next time, this has been "Tech Watch."

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