Monday, August 06, 2007


It's time for another installment in our on-going "Who's Later?" competition. The second match-up again comes from the entertainment industry. Today's "Who's Later?" match-up is between Bill Bellamy and David Alan Grier. You see both of these gentlemen have recently resurfaced in the world of entertainment, and for the life of us we cannot figure out why? So let's break it down for you:

Now DAG, as he is sometimes affectionately known, has sort of never left, I guess. I mean since "In Living Color", he starred in his own show, DAG, and has been a host of Comedy Central's Premuim Blend. So, I would say there's a good chance roughly 96% of the population hasn't seen DAG in like, I dunno, roughly a decade and a half? I should clarify that is 96% of people who watch television. But after years of leaving unreturned messages on James Carrey's answering machine, there he is hosting "Thank God You're Here", which his a whole nother post altogether. Now sure, DAG seeemed like he had an inkling of talent back in his "In Living Color" hey day, but his career, nosedived quickly when the Wayans clan moved on to making quality movies like White Chicks and several other movies we've never seen. Now once Damon Wayans refused to sign on for Men on Film: The Movie, we thought it may have been all over for big DAG, but he just would not stay down on the mat. But it seems David has gone to the Drew Carey School of TV Show Hosting. (The DCSoTSH is not a real school, so don't stop filling out those ITT Tech applications.) You see much like Drew, Mr. Grier seems to be the least funny part of his show, and needs to stop talking. But it was while watching "Thank God You're Here" that we found a TV personality we thought we had said "bye" to years ago. That's right the one and only.....

Bill Bellamy. Now one of the funny things about "Thank God You're Here"-and by funny, we actually mean weird funny, not "Ha-ha!" funny- is that it is not, as we originally thought, just for comedic actors. No, no. In fact talent is no, by any stretch of the imagination, a prerequisite. Enter William 'Bill' Bellamy. Now I think, when most of us think of BillBell, we think MTV Video Jockey, not to be confused with a Video Journalist like Kurt Loder. Now even then it was hard to determine where B-Squared's true talent lay. I mean was he even "now" in 199? in his VJ days? I mean Adam Curry, he is not! But seriously, what was he? Actor? Comedian? Singer? Token black guy? We have no clue! So, after he couldn't handle life in the Fastlane, he appears on "Thank God You're Here" and we're thinking "Okay it took a long time, but now we know. He's considered to be a thespian." But then, we start watching "Last Comic Standing"and what to our wondering eyes should appear, but '"Double B" as the host. The host, for crying out loud! This job is normally reserved for a comedian, so now we guess he's a comedian. But here's the thing: he is not a good actor and he's not funny. I mean what's next Matt Pinfield co-hosting "The View?" Well, that's another question for another time, but the question now is "who's later?" You decide.


  1. One of the funniest things I've ever seen is when DAG was on Saturday Night Live playing Bryant Gumbel hosting some show, and when they went to commercial he started talking all black and started yelling "where my b*tches at? WHERE? MY? B*TCHES? AT?" Same episode, he did Maya Angelou doing a commercial for Butterfinger. Holy crap, the guy has talent, they just don't seem to know how to harness it.

  2. I find Bill Bellamy rather annoying, and not at all humorous. It bugs me to have him hosting Last Comic Standing...especially when he does his obligatory 1 minute of standup to open for the contestants. I'd vote him as "later."