Sunday, January 20, 2008


Please, please, no applause for going a perfect 4-0 last week with my divisional picks. Okay fine, if you must. That's right I picked 'em all! Even the Giants, who, if you recall were my divisional round upset special. But alas, that is in the past for me and the combatants in the NFL's final four. We just gotta take one week at a time and focus on the now. Carpe diem my friends! But enough cliches, let's get to the final picks before Super Bowl fortysomething and Soup-er Bowl II.

CHARGERS @ PATRIOTS: Can lightning strike twice for the plucky Bolts from SoCal or will it be back to the Norv, er, norm? Obviously the injury thing could play a minor factor in this skirmish, as San Diego will have to see if Hooch, Antonio "Barbarians at the" Gates and Philip Rivers "runs through it" are physically able to play and then if they'll even be close to 100%. Now, since I am making my picks much later than some of the other pundits , you'll have to take my word, that even now, a mere hours before game time I have no idea if these kids will play. I have checked no scouting or injury reports whatsoever to aid me in my pick for this game, I assure you. So I'm just calling it like I see it, without the aid of your fancy newspapers or websites, so there!

Okay so as far as the game goes, I am sure the Patriots, as always (right Bill?) will exude class throughout. The Chargers beat the Colts, but they are like some nerdy kid going to the prom "stag" while the Patriots are prom king, stuffing that kids head in a toilet bowl (this analogy does not reflect any actual events in the life of the writer, but is merely taken from several million hours of watching high school movies, dramas and situational comedies). What I'm saying is that the Colts were not even up to their usual "snuff", and the Patriots are much better. The Bolts will fight to the end as Billy Volek (the Chargers personal Frank Reich) possibly carves a little bit more of his story into playoff lore. But in the end you gotta go with the favorites to win this one 28- 17.

GIANTS @ PACKERS: Alright folks, let's just settle down on the Giants, shall we? I mean I'm not saying they're gawd awful, but c'mon! They're no better than they were when every one wanted Tom "turn and " Coughlin's head on a stick. And can Giants fans really even be that excited, really? You gotta see this ending badly, possibly with more heartache. It's the same script every year with Tommy C's squad. A stretch in the season where they are great (according to the media anyways), and then a dismal turn, but then suddenly they're kings of the world again as they beat up on below average teams. Now the Cowboys are not below average, record wise anyways, but I for one knew they'd falter, so take that! But the fact of the matter is the G-men are up against destiny's gunslinger, Brett Favre. Couple that with that with a possibly slick field and New York may have some Giant obstacles leaving the odds "pack"-ed in Green Bay's Favre, um, favor. I'm taking the Bay of Green 28-10.

And now for some manly playoff cheese:

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