Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Earlier in the season I had wondered to myself what happened to Gustavo Chacin and the within a couple of days I saw a little blurb that he was in the Phillies system. Last week I mentioned how I miss Hideki Irabu so, and the next day I read that he has started his comeback tour (in the same rotation as Jose Lima nonetheless)! This got me thinking, do I have some sort of weird ability to think about certain former Major Leaguers, only to have them reappear in our lives? Could it be true? Well, one can only hope. But I need something to put it to the test, so I have decided to compile a list of Major Leaguers who just kind of dropped off of the baseball map, in our opinion, all too early, that we feel should make a comeback:
  • Kirk Rueter
  • Rocky Biddle
  • Scott Spiezio
  • Jung Bong
  • Jeremi Giambi
  • Alex Sanchez (one steroid bust and he just disappears?)
  • Bob Hamelin (aw Hambone! You were the next Billy Jo Robidoux! And now, you are, well, almost actually, Billy Jo Robidoux. If you don't make a comeback can you please hunt down Billy Jo Robidoux and collaborate on some sort of project? Possibly a rib joint?)
  • Benny Agbayani
  • "Crazy" Carl Everett (come on, he ain't no dinosuar for crying out loud!)
  • Luis Rivas
  • Roger Cedeno
  • Junior Spivey
  • Rickey Ledee
  • Byung-Hyun Kim (there was always something dirty sounding about his name?)
  • Ben Grieve
  • Kevin Mench (a real Mench!)
  • Matt Franco
  • Antonio Alfonseca
  • Ugueth Urbina (well, okay he's in some third world prison, but one can dream)
  • Shane Spencer
  • Sean Burroughs
  • Nook Logan (um, awesome nickname, we need him to help heal the country)
  • Choo Freeman (see above)
  • Ken Harvey
  • Jason Simontacci
  • Tike Redman (once the Pirates future, then....?)
  • Wes Obermueller
  • Rube Baker
  • Scott Sauerbeck
  • Eli Marrero (he's a stud in EA Sports MVP Baseball '05, what happened?)
  • Amaury Telemaco
  • Tomakazu Ohka
  • Jonathan Lipnicki (okay, not a baseball player, but we think its time)
  • Shea Hillenbrand
  • Carlos Febles
  • Tanyon Sturtze
  • Timo Perez
  • Hee-seop Choi (he can sop anything he wants, am I right?)
  • Esteban Yan (hee-hee his name rhymes)
  • Billy Koch
Alright, well now its just fingers crossed time.


  1. the world needs more El Guapo, both the reliever and the one from "Three Amigos"

    by the way, I laughed out loud at the Hee-Seop Choi comment and as far as I'm concerned Scot Spiezio and that beatnik goatee dye job and go walk in front of a bus. There..I said it.

  2. You do hate beatniks. Didn't put El Guapo on the list, cause I was already aware of his comeback attempt, but I do concur there is a serious El Guapo deficiency. Although I did watch Three Amigos on demand a couple of weeks ago. One of my fantasy baseball team names is El Guapo's Revenge.