Monday, May 04, 2009


  • Houston Astros? More like Houston Lastrohs, am I right? I probably didn't come up with this, but I still think it's funny.
  • Branyan watch: .324, 6HR, 14 RBI, 1.043 OPS. I think they should start flooding Seattle supermarkets with Raisin Branyan cereal any week now! No? Branyan Flakes?
  • I kinda wish Kurt Suzuki would follow Ichiro's lead and put his first name on his jersey instead of his last. I'd buy a "Kurt" jersey.
  • Remember Emilio Bonificio?
  • One complete game and everyone's ready to jump on the Sharion Martis bandwagon. I realize its the Nats and they'll take what they can get, but the media makes it seem like he's piling up the quality starts or something.
  • The bandwagon you need to be hoppin on is the Wandy Rodriguez one.
  • Did Cole Hamels walk under a ladder, while a black cat was crossing his path?
  • I think the problem with the Mets is they're just too darn bland. There's no "fire", no "je ne sais pas". Who's the Matt Franco of this club? The Roger McDowell? The Al Leiter? The Benny Agbayani? Don't get me wrong I'm sure that Ramon Castro is a real card in the clunhouse.
  • Watch out for Alberto Callaspo, he's making the most of the extra ABs.
  • Matchup of the week: Pirates-Brewers. Monday night. Maholm vs. Gallardo. Have some!
  • Buy low fantasy player of the week: Magglio Ordonez. Mags is due to breakout any second now!
  • Sell high fantasy player of the week: Ricky Weeks. Okay, I know no one is really all that high on Rickie Weeks, but he's playing the best he'll probably play all year, so if you gotta another 2B, than see if you can move him for middle relief or something.
  • Jason Marquis is pitching well?
  • AFLAC trivia of the week: Hee-seop Choi is has more home runs in the majors than any other Korean born player, with 40. Shouldn't take Shin-Soo Choo too long to beat that.
  • Usually I am all for the throwbacks, especially powder blue ones, but there's something irksome about the ones the Jays sport.
  • Brewers throwbacks on the other hand? Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Last week Jorge Cantu had 14 RBIs! Fourteen! Dang!
  • Seriously, who exactly is gonna win the AL Central?
  • Who says the art of base stealing is dead? Days after Dexter Fowler stole five bases in a game, no small feat in itself, Carl Crawford ties a record by swiping six bags in a game against the Sawx. I'm no Elias Sports Bureau, but I'm thinking its probably rather rare that twice in a week someone steals 5 or more bases in a game.
  • Speaking of the Sawx, get ready for the rest of the league to be overshadowed for two days as the Sawx take on the Yanks tonight and tomorrow.
  • Just for esses and gees, Kurt Stillwell.
  • And your baseball beer of the week is..........Cooperstown Brewing's Nine Man Ale. A light golden ale with some fine English pale and crystal malts and torrified, not to be confused with horrified, wheat. enjoy!

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