Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The seemingly immortal Jamie Moyer recently broke Robin Roberts' record for career home runs given up. Now while having given up more home runs than any other pitcher in basbeball seems fairly dubious, it is also a testament to Moyer's longevity. Longevity, of course does not equal greatness, but to a point, it does equal above averageness. Moyer has never been "great", but there is a certain something to be said for someone who remains serviceable for over two decades. But enough argle bargle! We here at "Bitterness" thought it be fun to go inside the many dingers given up by Jamie Moyer. First, a big thanks to Baseball-Reference, and away we go!
  • His first home run given up was to Juan Samuel, the current interim-manager for the Orioles.
  • He's given up home runs to six current Hall of Famers
  • He's given up homers to Glenn, Eric, Chili and Chris Davis. Juan, Alex, Wiki, Alex and Adrian Gonzalez. Joneses, Tracy, Ron, Andruw and Chipper. Molinas, Bengie and Jose, but not Yadier.
  • He's given up homers to Tony Pena and his son Tony, Jr. which no other pitcher can say.
  • He's given up long flies to several Royals, Jeff King and Prince Fielder.
  • He also gave up a homer to Prince Fielder's dad Cecil
  • Home run #103 was given up to Greg Vaughn. #104? That was given up to Mo Vaughn
  • He's been taken deep by a Huskey, a Hardy and a Braun
  • Manny Ramirez has the most homers off of Moyer
  • Brooks, Boggs, Bay and even an Overbay have taken Moyer out of the park
  • He's given up long balls to Raines and Snow
  • He's been taken deep in the first inning more than any other inning
  • Kevin Bass, Tim Salmon, Benji Gil, a Marlin and a Devil Ray have all gone deep off of Moyer
  • Bill Madlock and Dave Justice have taken him over the wall
  • He's given homers to someone from every continent except for Antarctica
  • Gates, Wells and Stairs also homered off of him
  • He's given up bombs to Brewers, Rangers, Mariners, Fielders, a Hunter and a Sander
  • Red Sox, White Sox and one Schu have taken him deep
  • He's been taken deep by Phillies, a Phil and a Phillips
  • Blue Jays, Cardinals and Orioles have hit long balls off of him
  • He's been taken deep by a Wade, a Trot and a Pat
  • A Herr and a Man-ny have homered off him
  • And he's given up dingers to a Hill and a Dale, but no Valle

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