Sunday, October 10, 2010


Okay, I need to talk about something very important. No, it does not have anything to do with the Randy Moss, I assure you! This.....this has to do with something much, much deeper. I have been in close proximity to four separate people who had a pungent odor emanating from their persons, in as many days this week. I know that does not necessarily sound like anything groundbreaking, smelly people exist everywhere. But that's just the thing!

Look, I ride public transportation every single day, so it stands to reason that I'm gonna be subjected to certain "aromas" during each travel experience. This is a fact every commuter comes to terms with at some point. As a commuter you build up a certain smell tolerance. Combine this with aging, which slowly dulls all of the human senses (except the sixth, seventh and eighth senses) and really most every day public transportation emanations should really barely be noticed.

So what I am asking is, why am I all of sudden noticing these odors more than usual? Is my sense of smell heightening, with age? Has my nose got some sort of Benjamin Button thing going on? Haha, Benjamin Button nose, get it? Is my sense of smell aging backwards? Or, OR, are there just more pungent body odors out there? Is this something we, as a society, need to address? Is it the economy? Are people conserving water? Soap? Some food for thought.

And here's who will cover the spread this week: Broncos, Jaguars, Chiefs, Lions, Falcons, Bengals, Bears, Packers, Texans, Saints, Chargers, Titans, 49ers, Vikings.

And now your cheese:

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