Monday, February 07, 2011


Well, now that the NFL season has ended, it's time to turn my attention to baseball! Well, at least until march Madness gets here. So, starting today I present to you the "Random Baseball Fact of the Day". Yes from here until this blogs ceases to exist, or until I get bored or lazy, there will be a "Random Baseball Fact of the Day!"

Today's "Random Baseball Fact of the Day is- On this day in 1949, Joltin' Joe Dimaggio became the first player to sign an annual contract of $100,000!

60 years later, in 2009, the average Major League Baseball player's salary was $2,999, 106 and the league minimum, yes minimum, was $400,000.

Based on the general increase of the median salary of the American male since 1950, the Yankee Clipper would be making $1, 537, 315 today. Obviously this is completely ridiculous, since this is far, far removed from the upper echelon of today's MLB salaries and would put him in the same MLB salary bracket as Greg Zaun, Oscar Villareal and Macier Izturis.

Dimaggio would most certainly be one of the highest paid players in the game, since the MLB salary is rising about 23 times faster than than that of the rest of America. It is tough to factor, but if Joe was currently in his heyday his salary would most assuredly be in A-Rod territory.

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