Friday, October 01, 2004

It's Debatable!

Last evening I watched my first ever Presedential debate from start to finish. Not having cable, it was either that or watch the hit WB series (yes, I realize I just used "hit" and the WB in the same sentence, god help me!) One Tree Hill, with special guest star Huey Lewis. Like that's gonna happen! C'mon, I already have that episode on tape! So anyways here's my take on the debate:

John Kerry reminds me of one of those puppets from the Phil Collins video. You know, "this is the world we live in, woooooh...."

George W. (pronounced dubya) Bush kind of reminded me of Adam Sandler towards the end of Billy Madison, just hoping his topic would be, "Dog poo and the human response"

John Kerry: This war on Iraq reminds me much of the war in Vietnam, which I not only fought in, but was awarded purple hearts.

Dubya: This war on terrorism (pronounced tearism when Bush says it) reminds me of a little puppy, a little puppy that lost it's way.

Kerry: I WILL hunt down and kill the terrorists, much like I had to hunt and kill in Vietnam, where I served our country and was awarded purple hearts.

Dubya: I'm the PREZ! Nobody beats me, cause I'm the PREZ!

Kerry: This tan I now have, is much like the one I got in Vietnam, where I served our country proudly. It was hot and sunny over there, in Vietnam, where I was awarded purple hearts.

Dubya: I'm the president, neeeener, neener, neeeeeeeeener.

Now a way to make the upcoming debates fun for the whole family at home.....Turn them into a drinking game of course! (Make sure you have lots of alcohol available)

1drink anytime:
Bush is shown with that smug, arrogant disintersted, digusted face, otherwise known as the Bush, "I'm not really listening, but I know they're talking bad about me" face

Kerry shows those big equine teeth of his (get the guy a bit to chew on)

Bush stutters or has a long "thinking" pause

Anyone one says "War on terrorism". Bush saying, "the war on tearism" also counts.

2 drinks anytime:
Bush uses a big word that he doesn't understand. We're talking polysyllabic intelligent words that there's know way in Iraq, he knows the meaning of. Example from last night: Vociferously

Anytime either candidate utters the words, "Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time."

Anytime Bush refers to Kerry as a flip-flopper or shower shoes

Anytime Kerry mentions his service in Vietnam

3 drinks for:
Mention of stem cell research, gay marriage (this drink must be either a daquiri or a sea breeze), or weapons of mass destruction.

Either candidate does the ever famous, Clinton thumb point thing.

Bush makes up a word, like couragosity.

These are just a few things, feel free to see where the wind takes you and add you're own rules to the game. Let's make America great again folks! Get out and vote and vote often, for your NBA All-Stars! We will get John Kerry on that team yet!


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