Tuesday, December 14, 2004

And a quarter for you too Audrey!

First let me say I got Chinese food on my break at work and I had exact change. That's it. I just like when that happens.
So i recently stumbled onto a couple things at my local drug and sundry. Okay so it's Eckerd's, with whom I have issues (who carries only Creamy Peanut Butter???!!!). But they had a new candy "bar", although I use the word bar loosely, hence the quotation marks, but we'll get to that in a moment. It's called the Take 5 and it's not such much a bar as it is two pieces of deliciousness. Now, you may be asking yourself why is it called Take 5? Or maybe you're asking yourself, "Is Willie Moe's life so boring and mundane that the most exciting thing going is a new type of candy bar?" I will first answer the latter question, or the one which I typed secondly-I never really grasped that whole former and latter stuff. And the answer to that is...YESSS! But don't judge me, you're the one talking to yourself. Alright in regards to the first question, it's because it includes five main items. These ingredients are:
1) Milk Chocolate
2) Peanuts
3) Peanut Butter
4) Caramel and
5) Pretzels

And the fact that it has pretzels in it makes it good for you. Shut up Phelps and let me believe what I want! It's not great, but it's very good. It's no Peanut Butter Twix though, these are to die for! but very hard to find in the king size package.

The other thing I stumbled upon, which I do not highly recommend is Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper! I don't know why it was only available in diet or, and this directed to Mr. Bojangles specifically, why a Cherry soda would have a specific new flavor featuring cherry????? Riddle me that Bohall, not to be confused with BoHall! Well I gotta find my wristbands, big game tonight against the firefighters, see ya there!


  1. Obviously, Diet Vanilla Dr. Pepper wouldn't sell well, silly goose. Cherry Vanilla sounds exotic, like a dancer in Montreal. You couldn't tell Dr. Pepper from Food Club Black Cherry pop. I like the way you pretend that Wild Cherry Pepsi is flavored with all natural cherries caught in the wild, while Dr. Pepper is just a mishmash of "secret ingredients." Sucker.

  2. I read these things that we all write to each other, about each other, about simple pleasures like the COP and Dr. Pepper, and I ask myself, why, oh why do we not have a sitcom on the UPN network. With the amount of crap on tv these days (Jitter wouldn't know, he's in a magical land that has no reality tv)and the high comedy being poured out of our collective minds, it just seems right. Take for example, Javen's simple comment about Willie Moe's disliking of this new Dr. Pepper flavor. Brilliance I say!! And its obvious I know what I'm talking about. Actually, no its not. I think I have stumbled into work drunk again. And the Day is mine!!

    Will, that candy bar sounds tasty, next time we're near Phelpsy's car, give me some, I'll make sure you get something out of Soda Can Phelps. One diet mountain dew comin' right up!!

  3. Bravo Willie Moe! Hopefully Santa brings you a laptop and a buffalo wing pizza from COP. The blog will flow then.