Monday, December 13, 2004

Why, is the carpet all wet, TODDDD?!!!!

This blog is primarily going out to my compatriates who I do not see much, who are planning on a possible trip into Syracuse to whoop it up at the Change Of Pace, on one of the only weekends I will not be in town. Willie MAD, Willie BASH! You know who you are! And if you don't, it's Jitter, Jables and Zek ( that's Danny's nickname that will perhaps never catch on.) Why, why, you torture me so?! Going to the Change of Pace. On a Sunday. Without Willie? That's unpossible! Over this line, you do not cross! You people are absolutely killing me! HOOOOOOOOOCHIEEEEE MAMA! Why can this not be postponed two days or at least lengthened two days? Perhaps you were planning on staying two days and this bitter rant is really all for not. But listen here, you three wise, er, almost coherent, men. If you are in town ON Tuesday, you could see Toastie running around in short-shorts, high socks and a head band (sorry, still no dice on the rec specs! DAMMIT TOASTIE, WHAT THE HELL AH YA SCARED OF!). That's right, free tickets to the Change 'O' Pacers game!!!! And don't forget, Big Baby Jitters gets a free Chicken Wing Pizza for every free throw Toastie makes*. I implore, or perhaps emplore, I think it's implore, you....give me something. I will personally toss in a few extra bucks for regular priced wings on a weekday. How can you even think about going to Change of Pace without Eric Swann staring across at you with a twinkle in his eye and at least an ounce of wing sauce smeared all over his face? Dan and Jitter I made a call, you've got an extra couple of days off for this Kwanzaa celebration, pass the blue cheese! You think you can account for the bitterness quota, sans Willie Moe? I think not! I've got bitter you ain't never seen! I have no idea waht that means!!! And I'm not drunk right now!!! Cue Gary Coleman-"Whatchoo talkin 'bout everyone!"

*-void where prohibited

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