Thursday, December 09, 2004

I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "I drank what?!"

First of all I would just like to start by letting everyone know, that I did not take steroids. I'm all natural, baby! This physique I possess has come from years of loafing around and a steady diet of beer and various fried and fast foods. I just wanted squash those rumors right away for all my fans. Now on to more exciting news (drum roll please).........
Last night it finally happened. No Bill and I did not finally let one and all know about our forbidden love, although we did have a rousing couple of rounds of gay chicken*! And no, I didn't break the roast beef sandwich record, either. But, last night, at Clark's Ale House, we finally captured the prize we had long sought, first place at trivia night. We finally brought prominence to the Bo Hall name with just the right combination of roast beef ( if you've never had a Clark's roast beef, then, what the heck are you doing with your life! Trust me it's a lil' slice of heaven, and this is coming from someone, who is "not a big fan" of roast beef!), quality beers, and delightful conversation. We have been on this quest for more than a year, and finally the prize and all the accolades that come with it, are ours'!! You may not think this is exciting, but try and put 4 druid fluids in ya and then we'll talk! And I'm not drunk right now!

Moving on in some sort of random order...... Tuesday Bill, Toastie Rage KJ and myself decided to celebrate our basketball bye week, a moral victory for us, by getting drunk at the COP (that's Change of Pace, not Citizen's On Patrol). You see our basketball team is nothing shy of abyssmal! We are 0-5 and our closest game was a 40 point loss. In our defense, it was a close 40! Anyways, we went to the COP to get drunk, eat chicken wings, oh so delicious chicken wings (sorry Jitter, how's Moochie?) and watch the SU game. Fortunately, the Orange, not to be confused with the Orangemen (don't even get me started on that horse pucky!), took over our Tuesday night losing ways. Oh the wings were so delectable, and when I burped the next morning I could still taste them,....glorious. Jitter, you too could have chicken wings anytime you want if you just moved back across the pond. But I digress. The Orange were playing in the Jimmy V Classic, a tournament of course in honor of the late Jim Valvano. so in between the two games, ESPN (that's an all sports network, where you can find such quality programming as the movie, 3, starring Barry Pepper, "I just wanna race daddy") aired Jimmy V's ESPY speech from, I believe, 1993, in it's entirety. The thing that got me the most is that the whole bar was dead quiet listening to the whole speech, a heart warming momemt that will be added to the COP annals. That's annal, not anal, Bill! Oh and SU did not look good, shooting horribly from the charity stripe, which as many of my compatriates can attest, irks me to know end! After all I was an Intramural Free Throw Shooting Champion. Sure, everyone is entitled to an off night, I mean I'm only 5-8 from the stripe this season myself. Which brings me to my wonderful idea for our basketball season. The Change 'O' Pacers will donate a chicken wing pizza to Big Baby Jitters for every free throw Toastie makes (he's currently 0-3). Jitter you best get coaching when you return. I wish the officials would like donate two points to us for each beer Toastie could drink during the game, that'd it make it interesting, eh, Latinos Unidos? That's right Toastie would all be like, "more Cerveza, (how do you spell this?) per favore?" and they'd all be like, "No mas!" Either that or we need some Rock 'n' Jock 50 point basket to be lowered down for us. Our next game is Tuesday at 7:30pm against the Syracuse Firefighters, and there are plenty of good seats still available!

This blog is dedicated to the loving memory of Grandma Stack

*-Bill and I aren't actually gay. Or are we? (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

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  1. True story: I was watching the seinfeld episode "The Outing" while reading that blog entry...not that there's anything wrong with that.