Friday, September 23, 2005

Ignorance is Bliss!

Well I think it's been pretty well established, that when it comes to the NFL, I don't know diddly squat! Never was this more evident then in Week 2! Or Weak 2 for me. Let's go back, shall we (insert wavy lines) to what I knew to be true after week 1:

1)The Steelers will run all over the hapless Texans and improve to 2-0. (So far so good, right?)
2) The Eagles will soar again and pummel the weak, weak, weak 49ers and get back on track. Another easy call, pick the Eagles.
3) Kurt Warner would be Rammed hard by his former mates in St. Louis, much to the dismay of the Kingdom of the mighty Cardinal. Of course the Rams won, but this turned out to be a lot closer that I suspected. Here's where the tide turns on me.
4)The Ravens will smother the once mighty Titans and coast to victory. Who knew the Ravens weren't that good? Put your hands down, it's a rhetorical qusetion!
5)Cleveland lost to Cincinnati sans Kitna and now they head into Lambeau to face Brett Favre....Hello 0-2 Romeo Crennel! The Browns must have had Sterling Sharpe triple covered or something?
6)Cincinnati is only 1-0 because they played the Browns and the Vikings just hadn't shaken the rust off their swords and shields yet. I picked the Vikes to go to the Super Bowl (don't really know why?)so they'll rebound nicely an order will be restored, right? Nope. Wrong again.
7)The Lions bowled over the Pack in week 1, so surely they must be good enough to beat the Bears, who lost 9-7 in week 1, right? No, they aren't and don't call me Shirley!
8) Then there's the Falcons, who looked solid on Monday night. They would have no problem against the overrated, (or is it underachieving?)Seattle Seahwaks. Wrong again Will, you ignorant bastard!
9) And finally there's no doubt the Cowboys will beat the lackluster Redskins offense in Dallas on Monday Night. This was all magnified by the ABC stat going into the fourth quarter and Dallas with a double digit lead: Bill Parcells is 77-0 when leading by thirteen or more going into the fourth quarter. 77-1. So close.

All in all I picked a mere 4 out of the 16 winners or 25%. An almost respectable batting average if I've got power at the plate. Everyone'll be happy to know I bounced back in week 4 going 12-4.


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