Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The promised land!!

That's right folks, the day has finally come!! I have jumped into the 21st century and have gotten the internet (it's on computers now!) in my very own home! It's gloooooooorious! Now I can look up all sorts of stuff like websites of por....educational things, put candy bars in the freezer..... But of course more importantly, this means that the proud citizens of "Bitterness is a Fish You Can Catch" nation (at least a dozen in number) can read what I have to say on a much, much more regular basis. Who's the big winner! Now enough with the green beans and potatoes let's get right to the meat, there are a lot of things stuck in my craw!
I want to talk about our national pasttime, no, not being overweight, lazy and making shotty products, but baseball. Now first a moment of silence or space for my poor fallen Red Sox (shhhh ). Now it not so much baseball itself, rather than FOX's coverage of it. FOX sucks! Why do they have to have the tv dates for later playoff rounds set in stone?? Here's the deal, in the ALDS the Angels and the American League team from NYC had a rain out pushin game 4 back to a Sunday night, with game 5 scheduled for the next night, all the way on the other side of the country in Cali. But if this weren't retarded enough, game 1 of the ALCS was scheduled for Tuesday night in Chicago. Now as a result this had the NYC team all up in arms, which I hate and am in no way defending (which will be addressed momentarily), but...for those of you scoring at home that's one team having to play three games in three days in almost every time zone in the continental United States except for mountain! Meanwhile, both National League teams were done with there division series' by early Sunday evening, but the NLCS would not start until Wednesday? Why could they not have just had the NLCS start on Tuesday so both American League teams could have at least one day off. Now, granted the Angels did win game 1 of the ALCS, making me llok like some sort of idiot. Why can't they be more flexible? Just so the World Series can start on a Saturday? And also why do the LCS' have to be on at the same times during the week? When the LCS' started I did not have cable, which meant that I was at the mercy of FOX telling me which game I was gonna want to watch! Horse pucky, I say! Because I actually wanted to watch the Astros-Cardinals not the Angels-White Sox (which of course is the game I got). Now this is not a dilemma for most. But I remember back in the day when they had LCS games in late afternoon. GD capitalism, I says!
Now to the controversy. ALCS, Game 2. Dropped third strike??? Here are my thoughts:
Umpire Doug Eddings f*#ked up. Whether or not it was in the dirt or not, he did not make it clear. It is an umpire or referee's job to alleviate confusion, not create it! And Doug Eddings certainly created confusion. He did not make it clear as crystal that it was an out. And if you listened to his post game explanation, it was some run around confusing thing that seemed to offer no real explanantion. Angels catcher Josh Paul thought he caught the ball cleanly and instinctively rolled the ball back to the mound. Now the thing about catchers, is that on a ball in the dirt, third strike, they would, instinctively, tag the batter, but that did not happen. Paul said he thought he caught it, and this would be an elaborate rouse by Paul to fool the umpires. Paul said usually the umpire will say "no catch" if the ball hits the dirt. Again, this did not happen. But here's the thing...the batter was A.J. Pierzynski, another cathcer, who knew that the umpire did not say "no catch", but also did not say "out" either. Two catchers, both acting on catchers "instincts"? The fact of the matter is it is partly on Doug Eddings for not saying anything and just looking for the players to dictate the call. But, BUT! Josh Paul should have also known that there was no out call made and should have tagged Pierzynski. Now they say Eddings put his arm up in what is commmonly known as the out sign, but what he refers to as his third strike mechanic. Now, 1) why aren't all umpires, especially ones for the playoffs using the same "mechanics" and methods of making calls, uniformly? 2) How could Paul have seen the out sign anyways? We all saw it, but Paul could not have.
This has of course spawned debate about whether or not baseball should use instant replay. Now, first off, the replays on tv for the play in game 2 would probably of garnered an inconclusive result. Now instant replay is good, nay great, for football, but for baseball? Baseball is, for the most part, a traditional sport full of phantom tags, "in the neighborhood" rules, unwritten laws and rules, etc. The human error is what makes baseball. Last year in the ALCS there were a couple of bad calls, but the umpiring crew got together and made the right calls, without instant replay. Which is the best way to handle it. But some umpires will not swallow their pride and ask for help from their colleagues. Would I love to have seen Derek Jeter's Jeffry Maier aided home-run taken off the board, yes. But of they replayed it would they have called him out or given him second base? Would Tont Tarasco have even caught it? We'll never know, but for now I'm still standing my ground against instant replay in baseball. Well I gotta go an watch Grape Ape on Boomerang on Demand. You stay classy planet earth.

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