Monday, February 20, 2006

For Pete's Sake!

On February 29th, 1968, in Bemidji, Minnesota, Bob and Jan Fenson gave birth to an American hero. Their child, young Peter Fenson (pictured on your left), started his life off on the kookiest, of kooky days. I mean born on a Leap Day for crying out loud! The kid was destined for greatness. Raised in the land of a thousand lakes, Fenson would, soon enough, take to the winter sports that make Minnesota, well, Minnesota. But unlike other Minnesotanites, Minnesotas, Minnesotans, like Mike Ramsey, Dave Christian or Brandon Walsh, it was not the game of hockey that was Fenson's fancy. You see at the tender age of thirteen, Pete took to the little known sport of curling.

A sport not known to much of the United States, curling may have seemed like a strange choice to most others, but not for a resident Bemidjian. Now you probably know of the mighty Bemidji State Beavers hockey powerhouse, but what you may not know is that Bemidji, Minnesota is "Curling Town USA." So it was no surprise the Pete took the sport that is now sweeping the nation. In fact the USA Curling website has had over 12 million hits since the start of this particular Winter Olympiad. But, back to Pete.

In addition to being the owner and operator of Dave's Pizza (making him an instant favorite at BIAFYCC), he is also the skip for the United States Olympic Curling team. The skip is like the quarterback or point guard of the curling team. The skip is the player who holds the broom as a target for shots by the other three players. But more importantly, the skip is the team strategist and must read the ice, anticipate the amount of curl and call the shots. He's sort of like Leon's character in Cool Runnings. Fenson has the U.S. Team poised for a run at an Olympic Medal in '06. Pete Fenson: Husband, father, son, brother, pizza shop owner, Olympic curler and one heeeeeeeeelllllllllllllof a model American!

Here's to you Pete Fenson! Do our country proud!!


  1. Pete Fenson is the Love of my Life of the Week on my blog. I can't believe so many people blog about him. Curling is such a cool sport and it's pretty incredible that he makes it a family affair. Rock on Pete!