Friday, June 23, 2006

Gangin Up On the Sun

Well my favorite band Guster, released their new album on Tuesday a day in which the also performed the National Anthem at Fenway Pahk before the Sawx-Nationals game. Now even if you don't like their music, give these a watch because they'll probably make you laugh, cry or just say what the eff?! Some of these may not play straight through at first, I dunno. They played fine and then would not, so we'll see:

This is their actual video for their new tune,"One Man Wrecking Machine, starring a chicken nugget:

This is a video someone decided to make for the new Guster song "Manifest Destiny". I also liked that it was posted on YouTube by BunnieLebowski. I like the song. The video on the other hand, ehh:

And here one from back in the day of a little ditty called "Fa Fa". The band themselves are very embarassed by it and you'll see why. I dig the jean jackets and Ryan's crazy jew locks. Oh and the lead girl, Ione Skye? Best known for Say Anything and lesser know as Mrs. Veal on Arrested Development:

And for you football fans someone set some Texas/Rice footie ball highlights to the tune of "Happier". Doesn't make a lot of sense, much like paper beating rock? My favorite highlight though is when Rice tries to run the option. You'll see:

And finally a classic cover:

Their rendition of "Add it Up" was much better, and I believe they performed that one with the Femmes themselves, but I haven't been able to track it down yet.

So for now, so long, so long and I will be back soon!

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