Sunday, August 13, 2006


Well I'm back in the blogging saddle again, as it were. Now you're probably wondering what has happened to the once great, or at least, in some minds, better than average, blog that is Bitterness is a Fish You Can Catch. Well I can't really pinpoint what has kept me out of the whole blogging community. I needed a break, fresh material, a new, certain, how the Fench say, "I do not know what. I started feeling like "Bitterness" was becoming "Mediocreness" and I didn't feel like I was giving 110%, even though is in impossibility to give 100%, cause by definition that is the most anyone can give. I had hit a metaphorical wall. "Bitterness" was stale, stagnant and other such adjectives synonomous with being stagnant and stale. You see, I'm wordy, I'm not a talker, but I'm wordy. I say that to say this, vis-a-vis the following-I would rarely blog unless I had at least a page worth of material, anything else was just not up to snuff. I mean I would labor. Pouring blood, sweat and tears into each and every post. Okay that's not actually true, but it sounds great don't it? Anyways, somehow, somewhere I got away from that. So, I needed a hiatus. I needed to let those good 'ol creative juices flow, which CAN and will get messy. I needed to step away from the whole blogging community. Until this past Friday I had not even read the blogs of my comrades in about three weeks, because I just needed to clear my mind. So, you may be asking your computer screen, "Why now?" And it is a good question. Was it Mel Gibson being drunk and disorderly and blaming the Jews for all the worlds problems? Was it the baseball playoff races heating up and my beloved BoSawx scrathing and clawing for a playoff spot? Was it my fantasy baseball teams? Was it the NFL getting back into swing? Was it Ricky Bobby? Was it Lance Bass coming out of the closet? Well, in a way it was all of the above (I know that last question is not above, but rather over to the left, but don;t be a wisenheimer). But really it was cause I just felt it. And as my blogging mentor and hetero-lifemate often says, "Don't force it." So I didn't I just waited to let it come to me and as I'm typing I don't even have a gameplan, I'm just typing and typing. Now I thought of just coming back with my good 'ol standby, The Mailbag, but I felt like I needed to have some sort of transition back inot this whole thing. Now I'm not saying there won't be a new mailbag opened in the near future, just not now. So to sum up, I apologize for walking out on you, without anty notice or warning, but I needed to find my blogging self. I know it will take some time to forgive me, but I feel we can get what we had back. Rest assured it was not you it was me. And over time, hopefully we can reconcile and you can take me back. Let's make America great again folks! And now for something completely different:
If you don't teach little Timmy what to do when he sees a Yankee, who will???


  1. In the absence of inspirado, one might try drinking.

  2. Now there's the stream-of-consciousness I missed! Welcome back Willy-Moe!