Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Well, week fourteen saw me move further back in the pick standings. Maybe I should pay more attention, I dunno? Well here are the current standing highlighting my futility:

Sports Guy: 103-105
Peter King: 102-106
Bitterness: 93-115

Well as I looked into the old mailbag I noticed that, aside from the usual hate mail, there was quite a bit of mail on a new subject. That subject, to paraphrase, is diversity or really the lack there of. Now, I know what your are thinking, and no, it is not an old wooden ship. It seems that several readers think I need to, in their words, "Break up the honky convention!" You see all my guest bloggers have been caucasian, and it seems that this has offended several of my African-American readers. So I thought it would be great to let one of those mailers be this week's guest blogger. Sounds great, right! So the lucky guest blogger is none other than a man who not only is mad about the lack of diversity, but also about last week's guest blogger, Chet Harper. Now he has a pretty hectic schedule so, we're pleased that he could take the time to help us out. So here he is, this week's guest blogger, Stuart Scott (not pictured to your right).

49ERS @ SEAHAWKS: Yo, the Hawks be trippin, after last week's loss to the Cards, but Shaun Alexander shines in primetime, so look for him to be as cool as the other side of the pillow and get his mojo workin in a big game. Hawks representin' at Qwest Field on Thursday night 27-20

COWBOYS @ FALCONS: I like the way Mike Vick works it, no diggity, no doubt! But the Big Tuna gotsta be upset over being pimp slapped at home, on national tv, Sunday Night! DESPERADO! Can the 'Boys 'D' put the bippity-boppity-BOO-YAH on the dirty birds?! You better recognize, 'Boys win it 31-14.

BROWNS @ RAVENS: Ray Lewis is fat, with a "ph" yo! The kid's like b
uttah! Look for the Ravens 'D' to get their schwerve on in this one. Ray Lew's happy cuz the 'Vens be goin sizzlah, then right on into the playoffs! Quote the Raven, "BOO-YAH! Baltimore 21-10.

DOLPHINS @ BILLS: Jason Taylor's not a playa, he just tends to crush a lot. Both these squads looking to play spoiler down the stretch. But wait! th
e fat lady ain't singin just yet, as the winner in this one clings to playoff life by the tiniest of threads. You could call either of these teams butta, because they've been on a roll of late. Bills have one four of six with two "L's" coming in close ones to the Colts and SuperChargers, while the 'Phins have one five of six, including last week's shutdown of New England. Can I getsa witness from the congregation! Little old lady at the Wendy's drive-thru sayin, "I see the beef, where's the BOO-YAH!" It's right here granny, Bills win in arcaic conditions (that's right it's gonna be cold!) 14-13.

STEELERS @ PANTHERS: Yo, check it, the Panthers playoff life is on life
support and the Steelers look to be servin Steve Smith and company another setback. Shut yo mouth! Just talkin' 'bout Smith. Steve Smith, can ya dig it? He's the king of BYAC y'all, BOO-YAHds after the catch! Panthers pull out a win 7-6.

BUCCANEERS @ BEARS: The Bucs offense is whack! And up against the Bears, it'll look even whack-ier. But don't hate the playa, hate the game y'all! Bears 'D' doin it and doin it and doin it well, homebodies! Looks like the Bucs are headed into the bears den with a picnic basket and they ain't gotst Yogi or Boo- BOO-YAH! Bears 31-10.

LIONS @ PACKERS: This game's full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing! Or maybe it's Furrey, as in Mark Furrey of the Lions. Kid's got mad skillz, break him off sumpin propah! Can old man Favre still get jiggy with it? This one'll be a good old fashioned shootout, you bring the Kool-Aid, I'll bring the BOO-YAH! Packers 42-35.

JETS @ VIKINGS: Ain't no thang but chicken wing, just two teams trying to keep their playoff hopes alive. Like gravy on a biscuit, it's all good! The Jets got played last week and Vikes are lookin to playa hate this week! But C-Penn, well, homey don't play dat! Jets get a BOO-YAH-tiful win 21-20.

TEXANS @ PATRIOTS: Pats need to right the ship and get things in
order. Enter the Texans, a perfect way for Tom Brady to get his groove back. Texans best watch those New England fans, cuz they bleed red, white and BLUE-YAH! Pats cinch up the AFC East 35-7.

REDSKINS @ SAINTS: Drew Brees ain't done nothin' but lead th
e Saints to 9-4 start while throwin for over 400o yards. Miami didn't want him? Things that make you go hmmmmmm? Saints can wrap up the NFC South with a win here as an early Kwanzaa treat. Raise the roof y'all! Saints headed to the playoffs, where Reggie Bush, best know that it's BYOB, bring your own BOO-YAH! Saints 37-24.

JAGUARS @ TITANS: Jags done ripped up on the Colts in Week 14, yup, yup! In Tennessee, it's bin all biscuits and gravy since VY took over, though. Kid's bin as smooth as silk. This could be as hardcore as the Wu-Tang Clan on steroids! Jags and Titans 'bout to get wicked, let me clear my throat! Titans take 17-14.

BRONCOS @ CARDINALS: Jay Cutler, Matt Leinart. The younguns ready to lock horns. Cutler ain't looked as comfy as Leinart, who has straight been gettin his freak on, as of late. But the Broncs about to properly welcome Matty to the NFL, and get some air time on Jacked UP! My prediction.....pain. Broncos straight-up bust the rookie from USC, whoomp there it is! Broncos do the BOO-YAHd work and take it 17-6.

EAGLES @ GIANTS: If the playoffs started right this second, homeboys
be in, but the playoffs don't start in December! The Eagles tryin to ride Jeff Garcia to the promised land. I ain't sayin nothing, but that ain't right. I'm bustin open some white meat! Gonna move some furniture. Iggles makin their kinfolk proud 24-23

Marc Bulger killin Oakland softly, with his arm. Say what, say what? Dynamite, dynamite, clef I got the cash! Rams rebound and win one in the black hole 38-21.

CHIEFS @ CHARGERS: I said a hip, hop, the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, a you don't stop the rock it to the bang bang boogie, say up jumped the boogie, to the rythym of the boogie, BOO-YAH! LT's straight up money in the bank! Bolts rock the party that rocks the body 21-17.

BENGALS @ COLTS: Welcome to the terror dome. Carson heads into Peyton's place looking to keep his cats on the up and up, but groove is in the heart and the kid's still got some things to learn. Marvin Harrison's livin la vida BOO-YAH as the Colts win this shootout 42-38.
That's all ize got, you ain't gotta go home, but ya can't stay here! PEACE!

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