Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I thought it was sort of awesome that members of the Washington Nationals wore Virginia Tech hats in their game last night!

Bravo guys!

And it also is a great way to start off a brand new segment here at "Bitterness" called "Things that are worse than the Nationals and Royals." Now this has been a segment we've been planning since Spring Training, and sadly the Nationals are not even the worst team in the National League, because the Phillies are demonstrating all sorts of ways to suck! So yes the Phillies, right now are worse, but this is a mere speed bump on the road to entertainment. And so, today, we give you the very first ever "Things that are worse than the Nationals and Royals, not including the Phillies" And today's "Thing" is tragedy, in the form of recent events occurring on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. I'm not going to go into the details of the event itself, because, unless you live under a rock, like that guy from Herman's Head in that commercial for some product, you should know what I'm talking about. Now let me just say, that I am fed up with "loners" going postal on their school. Being misunderstood and lonely is the LAMEST excuse to go on a shooting spree! A shopping spree, maybe. But a shooting spree?! First off, if you can find one person on this planet, who at one point or another in their lives has NOT felt like a lonely, depressed, misunderstood outsider, I'd be surprised. I, as hard as may be to believe, was not the most popular kid in my junior or senior high school. In fact in fifth grade, it was a common occurrence that I could not find a seat on the bus to school and faced much ridicule, much like Forrest Gump. Except I had no Jenny to give me a seat. But did I go and find a gun and a clock tower? No. I wrote scathing entries in my diary, like a normal heterosexual boy. But what really helped me out, is that I knew I had my friends at school. Most of these Columbine-esque shooters all seem to feel friendless, and hope these events will make people nicer to the "loners" or "weirdos" lurking around them. But the truth is you can't make people do that. People are always gonna be afraid of things that are different, but that's no reason to go shooting them at random. And there is absolutely no reason for anyone in this world to not have reliable friends, except for Lord Voldemort of course, because we all know he trusts no one. But seriously, if you can't find someone with whom you share interests, then that's probably for lack of looking, so don't blame anything on no one understanding you, or befriending you, cause that's bullpucky. So, put down the guns and go find someone you can connect with. They're out there, I assure you. I also assure you that most "Things that are worse than the Nationals and Royals" segments, will not be as deep and frought with emotion.

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