Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Yes, that's right folks with the NFL Draft just days away, and our drinking game alraedy out there, it's time to roll out the very first "Bitterness is a Fish You Can Catch NFL Draught"! Now this is a mainly beer-ish menu, so you won't find a Merlot Olsen, a Donald "Screw"-Driver, a Jeff Jaeger-meister, or a Sex on the Pat Beach. So here it is, drink it in.

THE JOEY PORTER- This robust beverage, is dark, rich and quite the heavy hitter. It's an all out blitz of the taste buds, so look out!

JERRY PORTER-This is a smoother porter than the Joey, but just as dark and rich. It is not quite as unreserved as the Joey either, but does have some kick. Perfect for the refrigerator raider, looking for a dark drink after a long day at the office.

KNUTE BROWN- Here's another delectable dark beer, you'll want to drink for the gipper. It really rock-nes!

OATMEAL STOUT-MIRE- You can rest assured, this one is, stout, on taste. Hahaha. Take your time and savor this one. Plus it's Wilford Brimley approved, as it's like drinking a bowl of Quaker Oats.

I.P.A.IKMAN- This is the star of our pale ales, so cowboy-up if you think you can handle it! It's an aromatic and classy choice, worthy of it's namesake.

PALE ALE DEL GRECO- Let me tell you, this is an Ale with some kick! This is a must try for every ale lover out there.

I.P.A.-KERS- While it is not as strong as the Pale Ale Del Greco, it can give you a good ol' kick in the pants, and make you soar.

I.P.YA.- A tittle-ating ale full of flavor and alcohol content. So watch out my friends, cause this drink is in the Hall of Fame.

AMBEUR-LEIN ALE- This light brown pale ale is very modest when it comes to hoppiness, but will overpower you with deliciousness.

FLEMISH RHETT- A mildly strong "beer" known for its reddish-brown color, it has a distinct fruity and yet acidy taste. But don't be fooled by the fruity taste, it can buc' ya after a while.

MINTER WARMER- Only served seasonally in the cold of winter, it is a wonderfully spiced beverage, that'll warm ya through and through.

DANNY WHITE BEER- Not a drink that'll really overpower you, this is a nice drink for a laid back night at home with your significant other.

APRICOT WHEAT-LEY- For those looking to branch out in their drinking, this is a good place to start. Not to strong and a bit fruity, if you're into that thing. These are not words we would use to describe this beverages namesake , however.

DERON CHERRY WHEAT- One of our personal favorites! A chief staple at any good party, this is a sweet and refreshing beer, that is great for any occassion! Plus it's good for you, cause it has fruit!

HEFEWEIZEN-DEJAS- Kick it up a notch with this German wheat beer that'll have you drunk and in lederhosen in no time. This one is straight through the uprights!

And coming soon... the Ted Bel-Ginn White


As tenacious as the linebacker it's named for, it'll be no, bear, getting it down. We're dubbing this lager "The New Monster of the Midway."

A dry lager for you jet-setters out there. It's cheap and delicious, and lager than life! Perfect for cookouts, barbecues or any gathering, really.

TY LAW-GER- You'll have to man-up if you're gonna take down this potent lager, worthy of the patriots of yore.

A strong drink, not to be taken lightly. It has a huskiness about it, that'll have you coming back for more.

This one is a strong and underrated beverage. It is stronger the Bock Huard, so it's no sissy drink, that's for sure.

This one is not one of your better bocks, in fact it's really like a mere quarter-bock, when compared to the others.

CRANBERRY LAMBIC-KETT- Duane should be proud to have his name on this lambic, as it is a delight! If you like cranberries, that is.

BLACKBERRY LAMBIC-KERT- This may be the only of it's kind, but it's as dark as the Raiders uniform worn by Mr. Bickert.

BLACK AND SURTAIN- If you like your half-and-halfs, than you'll love our black and tan offering.

This has the most "kick" of any beverage on here, so lookout! It'll only take a couple of these to get your evening off to a right proper start.

BOBBY HE-BEER- (pronounced, ay-beer)- This is a cajun beer, pretty new to most of the world, so very few beerists would even know about it. But, by gumbo, it's a delicious, fiery, and yet saintly, brew. It's here, because he haven't figured out where to group it just yet.

Well there you have it, the first "Bitterness is a Fish You Can Catch NFL Draught." Hope you enjoyed.