Monday, April 02, 2007


All three victuals are being used to raise money for each player's respective charity of choice.
Now while we have yet had the chance to partake of these spirits, we can still give you a preview.

The Schilling Schardonnay is no doubt robust, pompous and is a bit aged. It has a bitter aftertaste that lingers on for quite some time. After drinking mass quantities, you will find an air of superiority around yourself and will proceed to voice your opinions on everything from politics to blogging, regardless of whether or not they are being asked for or listened to.

The Manny Being Merlot is a more casual beverage. It packs a wallop, and gives off a dizzying effect. Will make the drinker lose focus and become lacksadaisacal. After drinking it you may have trouble with depth pereption and judgement.

The Caber Knuckle is a very well-respected blend, that can be hard to predict. A good batch can be scintillating and knock you on your behind, while other times it can have very little effect. Overall it's a solid drink.

Stay tuned for other Sawx to join in the fun as well, perhaps a Papi Grigio, or Cabernet Papelbon? We'll keep a lookout.

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  1. Hey man, I would've emailed this to you but didn't see an address on your site. We mentioned Bitterness Is a Fish You Can Catch on our TV show: