Sunday, June 03, 2007


So. It's been a bit since the last fresh post here at "Bitterness". To be honest, we've been feeling a bit blogged out. The blogs were coming out fast and furious for awhile there, and, while I realize I make it look so simple, sometimes I just gotta shut down and get myself back to neutral, take a little vacation from my problems. So, we're back, sort of. We've come up with a new little segment inspired by Murphy Brown, which, f.y.i., was a pretty good show. Well, in case you haven't bought the Murphy Brown DVDs yet, here's what I'm talking about. You see in Murphy's office she has a dartboard on the back of her door, where she continually would place pictures of people, things, nouns in general, that she disliked or had a recent beef with. Because, well, it's fun to feel like you're actually throwing sharp objects at things you dislike. So we here at "Bitterness" give you the first ever installment of "Bullseye". First on the board is...... ------------------------------Rosie O'Donnell-----------------------------------

The gang at "Bitterness" has never been a fan of Rosie, but even less so now. Often the butt or bud of many jokes, Rosie is now gonna put out a book. Great. Is this really necessary? The article I read, said, her much awaited book is due in bookstores soon. Much awaited? Really? I mean how many people are looking for what happened when the cameras weren't rolling on the set of the Flintstones? I'll wait for the Rick Moranis memoirs for those anecdotes, thank you very much. And are people gonna be lining up to find out what it was like chilling with Emilio Estevez and Richard Dreyfuss while filming Another Stakeout? Like Emilio would be caught dead in public with Rosie. Paha-lease! Okay well maybe while Emilio was all high or something, you know like when he married, future " Bitterness" dartboard pin-up, Paula Abdul. We really only hope she talks about how hard it was "coming out" . Yeah, a gay entertainer, this day and age, real troublesome. You're tugging at our collective heartstrings. It's not like you're Rock Hudson sweetheart. But congratulations are in order Rosie, as you are the innaugural pin-up on the "Bitterness" dartboard. And we'll finish by kindly asking the world to not buy her book, cause lord knows where the profits will end up. And we sure don't want them parlayed into an Exit to Eden Part Two or a sequel to that movie where she rides the bus.

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  1. Amazing choice. As I throw the darts, I will imagine her saying that Kelly Ripa's germaphobic comments to Clay Aiken were actually homophobic. Very interesting, considering Clay has never officially come out. I'm sure he appreciated that.

    Or I will think of her recent fight with Elizabeth Hasselbeck, where she spouted off like a crazy person and then got upset when people didn't agree with her. I'm mad at Rosie because it's the first time I've sided with a Republican.

    Great new feature. I look forward to a dartboard for the former pop star with no talent who judges other people...on their talent.

    Welcome back!