Friday, March 14, 2008


That's right folks, it's been almost a fortnight since our last post, and the mailbag overfloweth! We've got hookers, hook shots, fantasy baseball draft tips, movies and more! There's lots to get to, so enough of this rambling let's get right to it.

Michael B of New York, NY has politics on the mind, "Looks like you got outta the Empire State just in time. What are your thoughts on the whole Spitzer scandal?"

Well, let me first dissuade any rumors that Eliot was looking for a way out ever since "Bitterness" moved out of his fair state. Now sure it was a blow to the state when we packed up and headed eastish, but I'm sure the former "Gov" could've come up with a simpler exit strategy. My favorite part was the clever, and classy, headlines that ensued. "Ho No", "The Love-enor" and "Spitzer Hooked" were some of our favorites. Personally we were very shocked and disappointed in "Spitz", I mean seriously you're governor of one of the biggest states in the union, you can't get sex for free? Or at least cheaper? The only hooker you'll ever find us with is possibly TJ Hooker.

Gerry M. of parts unknown writes, "the college hoops posts have been a bit lacking. In fact they've been nonexistent. What gives? And what are your thoughts on the upcoming tourney?"

Okay sure, last year we became the first blog in history to breakdown every single D-I conference tourney, and that is impressive. But it was also very time consuming, and time is something we seem to have a lot less of this year, so ergo, less posts. Not only that but we have watched a lot fewer college hoops games this year, than, well, ever, so we are not as on point as usual. But don't you fret there will be previews of the brackets once they are released. For now I will tell you that the National Champion will either be North Carolina, or Duke, or Kansas, or UCLA, or Memphis, or Texas, or Georgetown, or Stanford, or Louisville, or Wisconsin, or Butler, or Siena. And that's a guarantee!

Bryce D. from Indiana wants to know, "is there anything better than the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament?"

No. Several things can come close to competing with the Big Dance, but really there is nothing better. Not even a White Shadow marathon. Although that would be about as close as you could get.

Kyle K. from Salt Lake City, UT writes, "seems like a down year for the mid-majors to me, although there are a few bright spots, is there gonna be a mid-major that shocks the world this year?"
Probably? I dunno. You see with the surge of mid-majors over the last decade or so, people are sort of desensitized to the mid-majors, especially with Bracketbusters going strong with the 47 games it throws out there. You see no one is gonna be as shocked when, say, a team like Winthrop wins its first round game as an 11 or 12 seed. As a hoops watcher, you should still root for the upset (and not your bracket!) and be ecstatic when it happens. Butler, I would say, has the best shot of any Mid-Major in the tourney, but they aren't gonna surprise many people, and because they've been hyped for sometime now, they are also in perfect shape to get bounced in the early rounds. Yes folks another bold prediction from "Bitterness": Butler may win or lose in the first couple of rounds. Book it!

Blake S. of Spokane, WA asks,"is Butler the new Gonzaga?"

What do you mean?! I guess in it's most basic form, yes, Butler is doing what Gonzaga has done, by breaking into the top 10 at times and being mentioned with the big guns of the college hoops world. And of course they are both the Bulldogs, although Gonzaga goes by Zags. And like I said the Bulldogs will probably go further and farther than any other mid-major this year, unless they don't. And you can take that to the bank!

Kent H of Minneapolis, MN is ready for baseball season, "Just a few weeks away from Opening Day, and was wondering if you had any fantasy advice?"
Well, as it happens I have already got one draft in the books, with at least two more in the future. And I have to say, in all honesty, this was probably the best draft I've ever had! Usually I'm somewhat disappointed with some wasted pick or reaching to get a Miguel Cairo or Geoff Blum. But not this time around. I stuck to my guns and did my thing. I didn't panic when catchers started flying off the board or when frontline starting pitchers began to go. No, I stayed the course and wound up with a very balanced squad that should be tough to beat. Now sure I know Miguel and several others will be a bit disappointed that they didn't make the cut this year, but it happens. The best advice I have is to have some sort of game plan in place and stick to it as best you can. It also doesn't hurt to have a contingency plan. And for those in my upcoming drafts reading this here are some guys you should scoop up early:

Jason Kendall: Sure he's actually gonna bat behind the pitcher and only hit like .190 last year, but that's got upside written all over it!

Rich Aurilia: He's still got a solid season in him, we know it. Plus he's in that potent Giants offense. Can you say Benji Molina?

Bobby Crosby: So, he didn't hit his weight last season? And sure, the A's have a weak offense around him, but I smell a breakout season.

Doug Mientkiewicz: Sure he won't hit for power or average, won't get on base, but when you need to boost your fantasy fielding percentage, he's your man!

Coco Crisp: Okay, I know he hasn't hit well in Boston, but he'll give you points in the ridiculous catch category, that's for sure! And what he lacks in statistics, he makes up for in "pluck"! Plus you'll need a solid #9 hitter, right?

Well that's all we got for today, but be on the lookout next week, cause the posts could be coming fast and furious!

And now, cheese:

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