Thursday, March 27, 2008


Okay, so by the time you read this, half these teams will no longer be dancing, but alas, they are still apart of the Sweet 16, and we must press on.

Woodrow Wilson is one notable DU alum, as is Burger King CEO John Chidsey. Now I guess Chidsey could be a "whopper"of an alum, but we found one we liked more. The one and only Mary Verner. We know, not exactly a household name, but she is the mayor of Spokane, Washington, which is home to Gonzaga University, which Davidson beat in their first round game. Weird, right? No? Well that's about as interesting as the famous Wildcats get for now, deal with it!

There are certainly plenty of famous Badgers out there, to catch the eye, Like Charles Lindbergh and Apollo 13 astronaut Jim Lovell. The late Chris Farley is also Wisconsin alum, but they are not the best one available. You see the Madison campus was also home to one of the greatest double (triple if you count killer looks) threats of all-time. Yes, we are talking about singer/actor, Mr. Tom Wopat. Now for those unaware of Mr. Wopat's credentials, you may know him better as Luke Duke of the Dukes of Hazzard. Yeah, doesn't get much better than that folks! Yeeeeeeeee-haaaaaawwww!

Nova is another squad that has already been in our "Alum-inating" segment, causing us to dig for some fresh faces. Sure there is Stanford President, John L. Hennessy, and astronomer Edward Guinn, who discovered Neptune's ring system (who discovered the moons around Uranus, is not mentioned), thank god, are both smart 'Nova people, but we thought we could do better. And having already used Jim Croce in a previous year, we had to really look. And all we could find was 1994 Playboy Playmate and 2004 Penthouse Pet of the Year, Victoria Zdrok. Oh well.

Kansas has made somethings hard on us, being a constant Sweet 16 fixture, but luckily there are famous Jayhawks abound. Now last year Paul Rudd was our go to Jayhawk alum, but we couldn't use him two years in a row, now can we? That was a rhetorical question, people. So this year we are gonna let the public know that Don Johnson was also a Jayhawk. I'm sure the co-star of Miami Vice, is having Philip Michael Thomas over to watch the games this weekend, and perhaps get a little crazy and don some neon tees, and fine cut white sport coats. PMT's Oakwood College did not make the tourney.

Ah, Stanford the Harvard of the west. This was not an easy one, by any means. Especially when you consider that it was home to Vint Cerf, aka "The Father of the Internet". While that is impressive,considering you would not be reading this, if not for his innovative mind, unfortunately Vinty, was a professor and not an alum. But have no fear, thanks in part to VC's help,we used this "internet" to find out that both Fred and Ben Savage (Ben's TV mom on Boy Meets World attended Kansas) attended Stanford, and that's none to shabby for the Cardinal. But wait! That's right we have one that tops even a pair of Savages. Don't believe me? Um, hows about a little someone I like to call Danny Pintauro? That's right, John-a-tin Bower from Who's the Boss! That's a bullseye right there.

There are more than a few notable Horns out in the world, including Matthew McConaughey and Janis Joplin. But it also taught William R. Johnson the president, CEO and chairman of HJ Heinz. You can thank him for delivering us 57 varieties of awesome to the world each and every darn day! I'm sure he is relishing the 'Horns current run, and hopes they can cut the mustard and won't be playing too much "ketch-up".

Our loyal readers already know that designing woman, Dixie Carter is a Memphis alum. Of course she was also the wife of Mr. Drummond on Diff'rent Strokes. But, like I said, we've been there, done that. So this time around, we're gonna look at actor and former Senator Fred Thompson. You could know Fred from such cinematic classics as Die Hard 2, Days of Thunder, or Baby's Day Out. Yes Fred is a true acting genius and is probably ecstatic as hell that the Tigers are closing in on the FinalFour.

And finally, the Spartans. Yes they have given us some good people like, Sam Raimi and Tom Sizemore, but we found someone even better! You guessed it, James Caan. I don't think we all know the resume here folks. He's no Robert Loggia, that's for damn sure, but he'll due. I'm sure James is hoping the Spartans "caan" win it all.

And that wraps up yet another year of "Alum-ination", hope you've enjoyed, and here's to a bunch of different teams next year! And for those who missed 'em,or just wanna read 'em again, here are your "Alum-inating" archives:

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