Monday, April 07, 2008


Yes it is now time to launch a new food endeavor. That's right in honor of March Madness we are giving you a delicious menu of college hoops dishes for your enjoyment.

CHICKEN PENDERS: Golden fried and delicious, fresh from our Providence "deep" Friar (we call it Austin Croshere) served with fries, coleslaw, pickle and choice of honey mustard or barbecue sauce. And if your really daring, go ahead and get the buffalo version, it will not disappoint, unless you're disappointed in awesomeness! Truly a dish worthy of the good old coach.

LEON POWE-TATO SKINS: This dish is as skilled and loaded as it's namesake. The skins of California potatoes, topped with sour cream, chives, bacon bits and packed with flavor. But be ready cause this one can be a real "bear" on the ol' stomach.

THAD MATTA-RELLA STIX: Cheesy and delicious, these golden sticks of fried cheese are absolutely glorious. And of course it comes with some Gerry McNamara-nara sauce for dipping, to make this starter complete.

JUWAN-TON SOUP: A lovely drop of flavor from the orient to get you started, especially if you want to try to create a Fab Five Course meal.

LOADED CHANNING CHEESE FRYES: That's right these bad boys are as loaded with toppings as their namesake is loaded with talent, so recognize! Cheese, bacon bits, chives, scallions, and ranch or sour cream on the side, this "app" will certainly get you in the eating "Zona"!

THE COACH K-SADILLA: Our light an fluffy tortillas filled with cheese, tomato, sour cream and chicken or steak if your daring. This is an old staple here at the Final Fork, but may be starting to grow old and overrated with some of our patrons.

FRIES: C'mon? Like you didn't see this one coming?

CHICKEN MARS-ALA ABDELNABY: Savory chicken topped with a lovely marsala wine sauce, that is absolutely to die for! "Double A" would be proud to have his name on this favorite from the old country. Or, well, an old country anyway. This entree could certainly "duke"it out with any other selection on the menu.

VEAL CHILCUTT-LET: Thin and grissly, just like the great Pete Chilcutt. Served with a nice mix of greens, it is arguably the classiest dish on the menu. I said arguably!

JASON TERRY-AKI CHICKEN: The best word to describe this is, "yum"! The chicken is cooked to perfection in our very own terryaki sauce, giving you a taste that will stay with you long after you've finished. Wonderful.

RANDY "PEKING" DUCK: We use only the plumpest, most succulent looking ducks we can find to make this the best around. And don't worry we don't go stingy on the Hoisin sauce!

BIBBY BACK RIBS: Ribs seared to perfection and absolutely smothered in our Eddie House barbecue sauce. Falling right off the bone, you will be in absolute hog heaven enjoying this one! Just make sure you have plenty of napkins handy. Or perhaps a "bib-by"?

CRISPIN FRIED CHICKEN: Two pieces of golden fried chicken, served with Jamal Mash-burned potatoes, a veggie mix and corn bread, this will certainly take the "Nittany Lion's" share of the work to finish.

LARON PROFIT-UCCINI ALFREDO: Fettuccine noodles lightly tossed in our alfredo sauce that is as rich and smooth as Laron himself. There's no doubt that with a dish like this we are sure to turn a "profit".

RIGA-TONY DELK: Rigatoni just like your mom used to make, once you dig in you'll be pulling a Jesse Katzapolis,"Have Mercer, er mercy."

E: Penne and our special tomato sauce with Michael Redd peppers piled seemingly as high as the guard himself. This is a big one, so make sure you keep your "Buckeye"on the prize if you want to finish it.

LOU ROE-TINI: Big and strong just like Lou, this will take you more than a minute, man. To finish that is. So be prepared cause this dish has a lot of "mass"!

CHEROKEE LIME PIE: Always a crowd pleaser, this is big chunk of deliciousness, just like Mr.Parks. Trust us when we say, you will not be disappointed.

ARTHUR "CHERRIES JUBI-" LEE: If you haven't had these cherries jubilees, than you haven't had cherries jubilee!

THE TODD "HOT FUDGE SUN"-DAY: You will go "hog wild" for this 3-scoop sundae. Topped with hot fudge, whipped cream, with sprinkles and a cherry on top, this is the perfect ending to any meal and sure to make

THE BLON-DEE: Maybe even a better finisher than it's namesake, former Illini guard
Dee Brown, this is sure to cap your dinner off with flair!

JAQUES-LATE LAYER CAKE: Named for former Jayhawk, Jaques Vaughn, this dessert is no poser, it's the real deal and must have for any Jaques-late lover out there!

Well that concludes the first ever Final Fork, hope you enjoyed. And if you didn't? Oh well. Enjoy the game!

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  1. I always liked the nike commercials of the 90's for the fun police. when cherokee parks is surrounded by a number of timberwolves and they talk about how his shorts stop above the knee. parks' only retort is to confront the group about their lone "un-hip" member, tom guggliota: "whats so fun about him??" he quips. then googs goes in to show him the what up.

    and there you have it, my special cherokee parks memory.