Saturday, April 26, 2008


It's time for the Second Annual "Bitterness is a Fish you Can Catch NFL Draught"! Now we're dealing mostly with NFL Players, so you won't find any Indianapolis Kolsch, Cleveland Lowen-Brown, Cinci-natty Bengal or a Green Bay Dacker.

Phil-sner McKonkey: Looks tame, but this is a pilsener with a "giant" taste.

Eric Hipple-sner: This "lion"-hearted brew is the pride of the menu, and if you're looking for a swig of a tasty pils, then make this your "mane" squeeze.

Ty Law-ger: This is our shut-down lager, so look out! Many have tried to fight the Law-ger, but the in the end the Law-ger wins.

Laverneus Kolsch: Golden and glorious, this "jet"-setting concoction is certainly a winner, that is well worth a try.

Flipper Amber-son: You're not gonna want to just go "ram"-ming this down your gullet. No, no, you savor every last drop of this one!

Jim Am-Burt: Not the classiest brew around, but it's robust and manages to get the job done.

Gayle Ale: A pale ale that is a "bear" on the taste buds, it does not disappoint. This will literally run all over you liver! Oh, wait, I guess, figuratively.

Irish Rhett: As red and full of alcohol as a drunken Irishman, which we realize may be redundant, this goes down deceptively smooth and easy.

Jumbo Ale-iott: The name says it all. Nothing small about this ale, whether it be taste, hops, or ABV, so look out. You've been warned!

VaI-P.A.: Otherwise known as the Sikahema special. Drink too many and you may get a bit Sik...ahema. This I.P.A. hits you harder than Vai ever hit a goal post after scoring a touchdown.

Joseph AddaI-P.A.: You'll be running wild in no time if you start drinking this beer in multiples. It's fourth and goal from the one and this is beer is gonna punch it in! I dunno what that meant really, but this is good, so drink it!

Jason Witte-en: Too many of these could, in fact, leave you at your "witte"s" end, so Cowboy up if you think you can handle it!

Jerry Ball-gian White: If you love Belgian beer, than you will certainly have a "ball" with this one.

Sapp-ricot Wheat: This one is more about hype, than actual taste, but it is still pretty darn good, my friends!

RayBerry Wheat: Fresh picked RayBerries, make this a splendid mix of fruit and beer.

Raheem Bock: This is the "bock" star of the menu right here! As thick and rich as Raheem himself, this one'll sack your taste buds like nobody's business.

Elvis Gr-Bock: You only need one word to describe this brew, and that word is...awesomeness personified!

Amp-erial Stout: This has as many good qualities as Amp Lee has NFL uniforms. Think about it!

Choc-Lett Stout: The name says it all. Big, dark and chocolated!

Ben Coates-meal Stout: As consistent and reliable as it's namesake, this one never disappoints!

Faulk-toberfest: A seasonal favorite offered in the fall, this one never fumbles!

Dat Nguyen-ter: As our winter seasonal thsi is perfect on a cold winter's night. Very few beers will warm you up like this!

Well that wraps up another "Bitterness is a Fish You Can Catch NFL Draught", hope you enjoyed!

If you're feeling nostalgic, here's the first ever "Bitterness is a Fish You Can Catch NFL Draught".

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