Thursday, January 08, 2009


RAVENS @ TITANS: The Titans hardly dominated down the stretch, while the Ravens hardly dominated at any point, in my mind. Well sure, they handled the Dolphins alright, but c'mon. The Dolphins?! If the Pats had Brady, the Bills had Jim Kelly, and the Jets had Chad Pennington, there's no WAY the Dolphins would have even made the Playoffs. I mean its the transitive property of who have they played? Here's the Dolphins last half of the season: wins against Seattle, Oakland, St.Louis, Buffalo, San Francisco, Kansas City, and the New York Jets. Wow, how did they ever navigate their way through that gauntlet of awesome? I dunno where I was going with that. I think the Titanic "D" should pester Joe Flacco "Seagulls" (nickname courtesy of my friend Billyball)all night long and they will win.

Titans 17-13.

Alright, so I was way off in predicting the Cards Wild Card game, but I guess that's why they call it a "wild card". The Cards showed moxie in the franchise's first playoff game in like six decades, but now they are headed to one of the Carolinas, where the Panthers have been practically unstoppable. The Panthers should send the Cards Delhomme for the season.

Panthers 27-20.

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  1. I better not find out that you're pulling for the 'Iggles in Part II of this post. You'll be going down if you are. You'll go down like a sweet muffin.