Sunday, January 18, 2009


EAGLES @ CARDINALS: Talk about a Conference Championship for the birds! Hahaha. Well now that that's out of the way, on to bigger and better ballyhoo. If anyone said they thought the NFC would comedown to these two teams, than they are a filthy, dirty, no good liar. No one thought it at the beginning of the season. No one thought it half way through the season. No one thought in the last few weeks of the season. No one thought it when the playoffs started. No one thought it even, EVEN, before last weekend. Some people probably still don't think its happening. Some little poindexter might stroll up to you and say otherwise, but rest assured they are a liar. The first clue may be that their pants are on fire.

Now the Eagles are the more playoff seasoned, hard-nosed, dare I say grizzled, team in this affair. Whereas the Cardinals, are well the Cardinals. Right now I would say there are basically two schools of thought on this game. 1) The Cards will win or B) the Cards will lose. Scenario one has people drawing upon the Cards dismantling of the Cards and having a stout defense, stopping two of the best running teams in the league en route to the NFC Championship game. But where has this come from? This hasn't been a defense that has been known to make things happen,which brings us to scenario B. You see as nice a story as the Cards run is, I think, as do many I'm sure, that they are on borrowed time. In other words all goods things must come to an end, but who is to say that won't happen two weeks from now? Me that's who! Well, I mean I don't have any real power or say in the matter,or do I? I don't. But I feel like the clock is striking midnight on this magical Cardinals run. It just pheels like after the Phillies won, things are turning around in Philadelphia. I can't really say I'd be disappointed with either outcome in this one. But I'm gonna go with the Eagles 28-24.
RAVENS @ STEELERS: Alright, I'm just gonna go ahead and say it, can we just ease up on the Joe Flacco praise? Don't get me wrong, I like Joe Flacco. I mean, what's not to like? Awesome name, former Blue Hen, etcetera, etcetera. But can we just stop making him out to be the next Stan Humphries! Or some other great QB? I mean he's not exactly putting up blazing numbers or anything. Let's be honest if he didn't have a world class defense at his disposal, would he have gotten this far? Hmmm? Now managing the game is a big part of being a quarterback, but lets not go fitting him for a gold jacket or getting his bust ready for Canton, alright? That's all I'm saying. But onto the game.

This one promises to be a good ol' fashioned, knockdown, drag 'em out, kick ya in the crotch, slobberknocking, put grandma to bed, pass the spicy mustard, crank up the AC/DC, lock up the good china, dog fight! Lewis and Suggs, Farrior and Harrison. Much like the NFC Championship game, I don't really care who wins this one. But unlike the NFC Championship game, rather than being able to be happy with the outcome either way, I will be unhappy with the outcome of this one either, having a general dislike for both teams. While they say its hard to beat a team three times in one season, it has been done. So I don't hold much stock in that, but there is also the fact the Steelers have struggled at home in the Playoffs. In fact the last Super Bowl they went to they did it by winning three road playoff games. As intimidating as the "Ketchup packet" is supposed to be, the Steelers have managed to not have great playoff success there. Interesting? I think so. The Ravens are like the little Steelers. Almost a mirror image, but with slightly less talent. I gotta tell ya I think young Mr.Flacco and the Ravens "D" will keep them in the game, but in the end the Steelers will prevail. Steelers 17-13.

Either way should be a good day of football, enjoy!

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