Saturday, April 25, 2009


  • This is the dance team you get when no one comes to your games.
  • Worst. Village People cover band. Ever.
  • What would you do for a free Craig Counsell jersey?
  • Faaaaaaat guuuuuuuuy, in a little coat, er, jersey. Faaaaat guuuuuyyy in a little jersey!
  • Bocephus and friends?
  • Reason #127 to get the MLB Extra Innings Package!
  • Well, those not invited to Dolphins camp, had to find something to pay the bills!
  • Al Newman has really let himself go!
These are the Man-atees! The plus-size, all-male, Marlins cheerleading squad! Guess, I'm a little late to the game on this one, as it was all the buzz last winter, when they held tryouts, but I got my first sighting last night and, well, to say it was surreal, would, well, not even do it justice!

Don't worry the Man-atees will make regular appearances here at "Bitterness", but do they have what it takes to beat out the Rally Van Damme?

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