Saturday, October 03, 2009


RAIDERS @ TEXANS: The Texans are not a playoff team. I said it before the season started, and I am saying it again now. Of course you don't need to be a playoff contender to beat the Raiders, because they are not good at football. Is it just me or does it get harder and harder, week after week, to figure out exactly why the Raiders cut Jeff Garcia loose? Texans 27-10

TITANS @ JAGUARS: Time to panic in Tennessee? Possibly. If they lose to the Jags they may as well call it a season. This is an absolute, without a doubt, no question about it, bread and butter, black and white, must win game for the Titans. And like the Titans of yore, win they shall! Titans 24-17

This one fixes to be a good old-fashioned boondoggle! Whatever the heck that means? Did the Patriots really prove themselves against the Falcons? Did they? Did they? DID THEY?! Maybe. But the Ravens are running on all cylinders. Every single cylinder. There is not one cylinder, NOT ONE, that they are not running on. Ravens 24-20

BENGALS @ BROWNS: Wow! What a surprise win by the Bengals last week, right? Oh wait, that was my upset special last week. Boom. The Bengals are better than most people think, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here, it's a long season, and I don't think the playoffs are in their immediate future. But what I really want to talk about is the utter putridity (I may have invented that word) that is the Cleveland Browns. More to the point, Mangini-us. How quick the tables can turn. It was only a couple years ago that the "genius" label was bestowed upon the young Mangini and now he is quite possibly the worst coaching hire in the last quarter century, and that includes Rich Kotite! And now he has replaced Brady Quinn, Medicine Woman with "Dandy" Derek Anderson. Or has he? Could this be another Mangini-sized rouse? A cunning attempt to trick the Bengals? Not only does Mr. Mangini seem in over his head most of the time, but he just seems to suck the life and happiness out of everything that is supposed to be fun, sort of like a dementor. He almost, almost, makes Bill Belichik look whimsical. Bengals 28-6

GIANTS @ CHIEFS: Tough to say how good the Giants really are. They beat the Redskins, who could very well be 0-3, the Bucs, who are 0-3, and the Cowboys, who are inconsistent at best. The path to 5-0 is pretty much paved in gold. Chiefs this week, Raiders next week. Current combined record of the Giants' first five opponents, 4-11. And one of those wins was because the Chiefs played the Raiders, and, well, one of them was likely to win that matchup. The another win was because the Cowboys played the Bucs. So those head-to-head matchups aside, makes that record 2-11. Seems like it's good to be the G-Men. The Giants that is. I am unaware if it is good to be the FBI. Giants 34-17

And now the lightning round, where the dollar values can really double!

If the Lions win a game and nobody's watching, does it still count? I don't see that win over the 'Skins escalating into any sort of, what's the word, "streak"? Bears 27-18

BUCCANEERS @ REDSKINS: If there was any a time for Raheem "The Dream" to get his first win as a head coach, seems like this would be it. Even the 'Skins can't be that bad. Can they? Skins 21-12

Seneca Wallace versus Peyton Manning. Hardly an epic matchup. Colts 31-17

JETS @ SAINTS: Probably the most intriguing matchup of the week. Good offense versus good defense. Well you know the old saying, "Offense wins games, defense wins championships." We'll see. Saints 24-20

BILLS @ DOLPHINS: The Bills secondary is battered up. If the already weak Miami passing game, wasn't starting a rookie at QB, I'd be concerned for the Billsies. Bills 17-10

NINERS @ RAMS: I think the Rams might get "creamed" with Glenn Coffee this week. 49ers 23-9

A Broncos win could earn them a smidge of respectabilty, who knows. The point should be moot. Cowboys 28-20

CHARGERS @ STEELERS: Both of these teams are sort of shambles of their former selves right now. Philip Rivers probably won't throw for 400 yards in this one. Or maybe he will? I dunno. Steelers 24-21

PACKERS @ VIKINGS: Ah, the matchup many people circled on their NFL schedule, calendars. It's always a big moment when you take on a former teammate, in primetime, for the division lead. And when the Packers head to Minnesota to face former Packer legend Ryan Longwell, it will be no different. Packers 27-23

And now your cheese.....hats:

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