Thursday, October 09, 2014


I know this guy's ready!

Colts (2-5) at Texans: Due to illness this week and generally being a bit behind at work, this post is gonna be a bit shorter than usual. Plus, I am so tired of these Thursday night games and their garbage scores. Who's with me? The Texans are supposed to have a good defense, but good enough to stop the efficient steam engine that is the Colts offense, though? Well, the Colts looked unstoppable against Jacksonville and Tennessee, but, is that really impressive? They are 1-2 against teams with current winning records. The Colts are 2-0 against teams that are a combined 1-9, so pardon me if I don't jump up on the "Praise the Colts" bandwagon. Sure, they beat the Ravens, but if you actually believe Flacco to Smith, Sr. will be carry them the rest of the way, well, I got a bridge to sell ya. Of course, buying the Colts as a super awesome juggrenaut, really has little to do with tonight's game, since the Texans are middle of the road at best. At best! But Ryan Fitzpatrick's beard is still gahhhh-lorious!

Sadly, though, gaahhhhh-lorious beards no longer play a role in deciding NFL games. Colts 28-21

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