Friday, October 03, 2014


Nothing much to say when our high above the mucky muck. 

Bears (+2.5) at Panthers- A majority of Carolina's rushes on Sunday could belong to either an undrafted free agent out of Alabama-Birmingham or a grown man named Fozzy (insert "wocka wockas")? Yeah, so I'll  take the Bears, over Fozzy (bear). Bears 28-24

Browns (+2) at Titans- The Titans have not been, what I'd call, good. Sure Charlie Whitehurst's flowing locks will draw you in, but other than that? That being said, if there were ever a franchise to disappoint you, it would be the one from Cleveland.

Rams (+7) at Eagles- The Iggles return home after a devastating loss to the Niners on the road. I was thinking there is probably some sort of statistic that chronicles east coast teams playing out west one week, losing, then playing on the east coast the following week. Well, I didn't find such a statistic, and it was for a lack of looking. Eagles 24-20

Falcons (+4) at Giants- Eli Manning is on a roll and should keep that up for a few more weeks, before he leads his team on downward spiral to finish the season. Plus Matt Ryan struggles out of doors. Giants 23-17

Buccaneers (+10) at Saints
Texans (+6) at Cowboys- Ah, the Lone Star State Bowl....finally. While I am not completely sold on the Cowboys as a playoff contending team, unless this comes down to quarterback beards...

I am going with the 'Boys. Cowboys 21-12

Bills (+7) at Lions- I mentioned last week, or the week before? It's not important when, but basically I saw the Bills hitting some rough spots. Now worries, though, Kyle Orton is here to save the day! Lions 21-13

Ravens (+3.5) at Colts- How is Steve Smith doing this? Oh, sorry. How is Steve Smith, Sr. doing this? I don't quite know, but I do know that for all the gaudy numbers he is putting up for Baltimore, Andrew Luck is putting up even more gaudy numbers for the Colts. Colts 27-21

Steelers (-6.5) at Jaguars- The Steelers are one of only three road teams to be favored. Much of that has to do with their road game being in Jacksonville. That is where the Jaguars play. The Jaguars have not been good at football lately. Honestly I can see an upset happen, I mean the Buccaneers, after getting blown out against the Falcons mind you, beat the Steelers, in Pittsburgh. I actually think Bortles will keep the Jags in this, somewhat, and even with the Jags absolutely deplorable defense, right now I think we're headed for an upset. Jaguars 35-31

Cardinals (+7) at Broncos- Shootout city! Am I right? Broncos 31-21

Chiefs (+6) at 49ers- Despite what you saw on Monday night, the Chiefs are not that good. 49ers 25-11

Jets (+6.5) at Chargers- I don't know much, but I do know the Jets are worse than the Chargers. Chargers 

Bengals (-1) at Patriots- So here's the thing, the Patriots have looked like they should be written off for dead a couple times in the Brady era and they have bounced back. maybe you have heard that somewhere. Maybe you even buy in to the fact the Patriots find ways to win in the Belichik era, but if you watched that game Monday night, you saw a highly inefficient offense a frustrated Brady. This is at home, in primetime and for some reason, that defies actual logic and reason, I think the Pats pull of a bounceback victory. Patriots 35-31

Seahawks (-7) at Redskins- Washington's last primetime home game was, if I'm being nice, less than good. I think Kirk Cousins will turn thing around, but not on Monday night...against the Seahawks. Seahawks 31-17

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