Thursday, October 02, 2014


Of course you are, it's a rhetorical question, folks! Who wouldn't be prepared for another exhilrating Thursday nighter? Just because none of the previous four TNF games been nail biters? Well saying they weren't nail biters is like calling World War II a minor scuffle. Every Thursday night game has been decided by three or more scores. Well, let me be more specific, here. No Thursday night game has been decided by less, less, than 20 points. Now, the two games decided by exactly 20 points still offered a glimmer of hope, early in the second halves, that the game could still get competitive. Well, we know how those turned out, but the last two Thursday nighters have been utter, for lack of a better word, debacles. I mean, if it gets as bad, as, early as it has in the last two games and you find yourself flipping channels to catch the new Kate Walsh vehicle (and I am sure, smash hit) Bad Judge, there's something wrong. Luckily fantasy football still keeps many interested until their players get pulled, so there is that. So, is this the week actually get something resembling a decent game on Thursday night?

Vikings (+8.5) at Packers- Well Teddy Bridgewater may not play for the Vikings due to his ankle injury (drawback of the short week) which means we may see Christian Ponder under center for the Vikes. Not quite the words you want to hear if you're rooting for a close game or, you know, the Vikings. Bridgewater looked highly serviceable against the Falcons, and I actually think he could create some problems for the Packers D, but Christian Ponder on the other hand? Well, the best thing I can say about Ponder's NFL playing career is he married attractive ESPN college football sideline reporter, Sam Steele, making her Sam Ponder.

As you can see, she is very popular with the male demographic. Where was I? Oh yeah, the game.

Now, if Bridgewater does start, I think this once dances around the spread for a bit, but then again, no Thursday night game, this season, has really danced around the spread much. Plus this is in Green Bay, so as much as I kind of want to pick the Vikings, I just can't do it. Packers 37-17

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