Friday, September 10, 2004

Chili Cheese Blog

Last night was glorious!!! The tension mounted. What was going to happen? The waiting was killing me, and then it happened......I decided to go with the 1/2-rib platter, with a side of AKC Chili and baked beans. And boy let me tell you, it was delectible! Plus I got to share this with a special someone, let's just call him, "Phil Cannon". Lights were low, expectations high, it was a little slice of heaven. Oh yeah and there was football on too. Last you heard, I made it abundantly clear how little I know about the NFL, and now I will only do more to prove this point, as I break out my Week 1 predictions:

My lock of the week is, drum roll please...... the Patriots, who'll edge out Jack Trudeau and the Colts, by a Viniatieri

The Bengals will struggle and struggle mightily with Carson Palmer at the helm, trailing 27-3(in NFL films voice): .....when a hard-nosed Jon Kitna puts the Bengals on his back and proceeds to pick apart the Jet secondary. With poise and precision Kitna leads the Bengals to an overtime victory 33-27, causing much rejoice in the queen city.........

Tiki Barber fumbles in the red zone, Kurt Warner receives a new concussion, Eli Manning is booed as he is picked off by Lito Shepard, who returns the inner to the house, Eagles celebrate as Jeremy Shockey taunts a 7-year old Eagles fan sitting with his dad, who just happens to resemble Vai Sikahema! Finish your beer for the mention of Shockey's name, when he's not even playing.

I will drink so much beer and eat so much red meat that words will not be able to describe how I feel on Monday

My good friend Casey, who will for all other blogs be addressed by the name Toastie, will not show up at the Change of Pace, but rather sit home and drink away his sorrows after the Giants lose.

I'll be dead to Danny B.

There will be many a homo-erotic innuendo.

My good pal Javen will be drunk and yelling about how much he hates that dink and dunk s*&t, throwing an occassional, "Why are you so bitter" in my general direction.

Enjoy the games!

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