Thursday, September 16, 2004

I've been wearing the same underwear for four days.

Today I made an inadvertant discovery before getting to my blog post. No, it wasn't the undwear thing, that was very vertant (I don't think that's a word, but anyways)! Each day before I check my blog for comments or go to post a new one, I like to see if my chums have made any new comments on their respective blogs, so after checking poor Jitter's underblog, and having a hearty laugh of Billy's blog ( a nice lil' recap of our exploits in the Midwest), I attempted to go to Toastie's blog, I missed a letter on the key board and ended up here. Was this some sort of sign from above? Is Toastie somehow linked to this mysterious website 'o' da lord? Is that why he almost drove us into a ditch screaming, "One Way JESUS!" en route to a New Jersey Giants game, a few years back? Was this the reason he know longer came to our pagan ritual sacrifices of virgins? Or, maybe it was sheer coincidence and means nothing. But I say this to you Toastie, "Your move holy man!"
Well now that, that's off my chest, I will move on to more senseless rambling, which I'm known so well for. It's now about 34 hours until the start of Weekend Of Will, and may be the last time you hear from be for awhile, maybe even forever, depending on how the weekend plays out. So without further ado (drum roll please)... here's my prediction for Week 2 in the NFL:

Marvin Lewis can't take the losing any more, he looks down the sideline and makes eye contact with the rugged and yet not very handsome Jon Kitna, and utters two words, "it's time". On national television, Kitna runs out to the huddle, pats Carson Palmer on the back and says, "I got this one Heisman." Kitna proceeds to carve up the once highly overrated Miami Dolphins secondary, carrying the Bengals to victory, much to the dismay of Dolphins fans who are still wondering why Shula won't bring Marino in to the game!

The Giants will fall to the Redskins (hey, how come they're allowed to be the Redskins, but Syracuse can't be the Orangemen?) Shockey call Joe Gibbs gay, LaVar Arrington will disenvite Shockey to his chess room, when they meet in Washington. Quote of the week as heard on Dan Patrick in regards to Tom Coughlin fining several players for being early to team meetings, " Pretty soon they're gonna stop playing for him." My question is when did they start playing for him?

The Patriots will dominate the Kingdom of the Mighty Cardinal (insert Javen's high-pitched bird squeal, it's glorious trust me.)

The Bills will win a shootout in Oakland 45-42, Alex Van Pelt will be up in the booth screaming incoherently.

I will be covered in wing sauce and drunk as a skunk throughout.

Enjoy and remember to control the pet population and have you're pets spayed and neutered.

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