Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I Declare This....The Weekend of Will!!

Well I know all of my faithful readers were eagerly awaiting my next blog, so I put on some pants and headed to the library and here I am! First things first, the first weekend of the NFL Season has come and gone, as have quite a few Change of Pace wings and alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately I missed most of the pigskin action due to "The Man" keeping me down and making me work on God's day! But I did happen to catch a good amount of the Chiefs-Broncos and Packers-Panthers games, and did so while eating scrumptious chicken wings and drinking some refreshing beer, mmmm beer. Anyways, here's how my week 1 predictions turned out:

The Bengals did not win, and I think we all know why! Kitna remained on the sidelines helpless, biding his time as Carson Palmer proceeded to lead the Bengals to defeat at the hands of the New Jersey Jets. Cincy plays game #2 without Kitna at the helm, in front of a national television audience on ESPN, Sunday Night! If only poor JK had Change of Pace Wings and beer to ease the pain, like I will. "Sweep the leg Jonny!"
Moving on, my good friend Toastie did not show up at Change of Pace on Sunday, for whatever reason ( it's okay to admit the Giants loss makes you want to be alone and listen to....Air Supply.)
Okay I don't even remember my other predictions and I'm not looking at my previous blog to check. If you really want to know you can ask me personally.

The big news is in Week two, which will directly coincide with the Weekend Of Will or W.O.W. for short. I will be out of work on Friday at 5pm, and won't have to work again until Monday! Some quick math for you non-math majors, that's two whole days off. Two days of debauchery. Two days with nothing to do but watch sports and tv, whilst envibing more than my fair share of alcoholic beverages. Not only will I get to watch all three Red-Sox wins, I mean games, against the Yankees, I will also be able to watch my alma mater, Syracuse University, take on the Mighty, Mighty Bearcats, not of Binghamton, but of Cincinnati, and my beloved World Champion New England Patriots battle the Arizona Cardinals and whoever it is that starts at Quarterback for them. " I'm busting Jerry, I'm busting!" Also my fantasy football team, the Boise Thrill will have it's first game of the season against Chuckarama, or as I like to call them, CHUMP-arama. See what I did was replace Chuck, with Chump. Now I don't have an exact itinerary in mind because I like to fly by the seat of my pants (except when I wear chaps, it gets very drafty.), but let's just say I know a little bar on Grant Boulevard that should be stocked up on PBR, wings and BLTs!! My prediction..............PAIN!!

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  1. willie moe. chaps??? how come I have never seen them caress your sleek and nimble figure before?? I haven't even heard about them till now. does the chicken wing tally only count when you are watching football or any chicken wing that you eat during the season?? javen tried to offer me Drew Brees and Chad Johnson for Matt Hasselbeck. I almost didn't have the heart to tell him no. sweet javen. you'll have to let me know about PJ in the PA. till then, back to work.

    le toast