Monday, March 20, 2006


Well Day Four was not as raucous as the previous three days, but it still had it's moments. TT cooked us up a mean little breakfast spread. Well it wasn't mean, it was actually nice and friendly. Some breakfast sangwiches, cheese and scamby eggs, bacon, homefries and chocolate milk,mmmmmmmm. The rest of the day was mostly a little good 'ol fashioned male bonding in front of the television watching the basketball games. Here are some brief highlights of our lazy sunday:

-Bradley upsets Pitt, but the best part was because Bradley was playing pitt the scoreboard read:
Like the actor. The AC-TOR for crying out loud.

Then Javen hit the exercise bike as Billyball, ECP and myself browsed the interweb for random things, like prevocative pictures of the daughters from Just the Ten of Us (let's just say, go rent Tryst) and the top Rap Feuds of all time.

This day was not as eventful as other days so I would now like to put in a little sumpin', sumpin' in for ECP. A little something I like to call:

As the weekend wound down, I felt it was time to take a good hard look at myself in the mirror. What direction was my life headed in? Was it time to take an emotional inventory, if you would? Sometimes I feel everyone just sees me as the joker, the loser, the MAGICIAN! But I hurt. If you prick me do I not bleed? Sure I like to play the part of the clown, everyone's little court jester. But sometimes feel like I've been kicked right in the Charlie Browns. But I just put on the old clown makeup, and hop out of the VW Bug and spray people with Seltzer water, giving the show everyone expects. I do it and I wonder what would happen if I were to just let the emotions flow? Without the song and dance would people still come to the show? I just don't know. I just don't know.

This has been Feelings a special segment for Paul.

Look for these past four blogs to contain pictures sometime tomorrow.

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  1. What the hell is this?


    Will, I don't know if I can be with you if you're going to start having "FEELINGS".