Wednesday, March 01, 2006

It's Madness I Tell Ya!

Well March is finally here, so let the madness begin! I thought I would start the madness off right with a brand new bag. A new mailbag that is. That's right folks, after such a great response to the first mailbag, I decided to make it a regular thing. But, I digress. I give you.............

Jonathan B. from Connecticut asks, Will, you seem to have a vast knowledge of random 80s sitcom information. So, well I guess what I am trying to ask is, on the sitcom Who's the Boss, who, in fact, was THE boss?

A-oh! Oh-A! Well Jon-a-tin, this is a doozy and I can't say it is a question I haven't spent hours on before. But, well, I just don't want to ruin an upcoming blog. So for now Jon-a-tin you'll just have to keep on a lookout for the answer to this one.

Serge Z. from Chapel Hill, NC writes:
Sorry, my English is not so good, yes. Is JJ Redick, how you say, homo?

Well Serge, this a tricky and touchy subject. Now I have looked at this from many angles and after much trial and tribulation I have come to the conclusion that, well, yes, JJ Redick is in fact gay.

Ken C. of Houston, TX asks, What's the deal with Barry Bonds? I mean are you gonna honestly try and tell me that he got so big drinking milk? Paaaaaaaa-lease!

Well let me just put it this way:



Hope this clears everything up for both Ken and my loyal readers.

Kyle K. of Philadelphia, PA had this to offer, You've made your love for the Valley widely known, so I gotta ask, who do you like in the conference tourney (known as Arch Madness cuz it's in St. Louis) and how many Valley teams do you feel will get into the Big Dance?

Well I have recently filled out my Valley bracket and let me tell you, it was nothing short of difficult! Now the top 5 or 6 teams all have a legitimate shot at winning the automatic bid. But I'll tell ya, I really like Blake Ahearn and the Missouri State Bears to take it. They will be playing in thier home state and are the hottest team in the conference right now as far as I'm concerned. Plus you know I am a big fan of guys who make their free throws and Ahearn is treeeeeeee-mendous from the charity stripe (95.1% over three seasons, and by the way JJ Redick, ESPN's best FT shooter in the country, only 92% for his career). But really it is a wide open conference tourney. As far who will get in, well I feel like MSU should get in no matter what and their first round match against once ranked Northern Iowa may be UNI's biggest chance to sure up an invitation to the Big Dance. I would say four is a lock and you could make something of a case for 5. Creighton, Wichita State and the Bears should be dancing in a couple of weeks, while UNI, Bradley and Southern Illinois battle for 1, maybe two slots. UNI and SIU looked like locks earlier, but have struggled down the stretch, making Arch Madness extremely important for each esteemed institution. Thanks for the question Kyle.

Jeremy M. of Texas writes: Several blogs ago you were concerned that Syracuse was an iffy tournament team, are you still concerned, even after a win over West Virginia?

Well Jeremy, I am lot less nervous than I was about by alma mater's chances of dancing in March, thanks to the win over the Mountaineers. If I'm drawing up the big bracket, they're in, and it's not just because of my SU bias. You see SU's strength of schedule is top ten, which for those of you scoring at home, is a pretty doggone tough schedule. Sure they split with Cincy and lost to Seton Hall, two fellow Big East bubble teams. But here's the thing folks, in conference games SU played #2 UCONN twice, #8 Pittsburgh twice, and will play #4 Villanova twice, plus one game each against #18 West Virginia and #20 Georgetown. Whereas Seton Hall plays UCONN, West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Villanova once each, with no games against Georgetown! And Cincy, well they play UCONN, Pitt, Nova and Georgetown only once with two games against the Mountaineers and of course two with SU. Now SU has not looked good against these upper tier teams, but only one of SU's losses is really that damaging and that is the one to Seton Hall at home. I feel the Orange deserve to go to the Big Dance, will they go far? Probably not without some Marius Janulis-esque heroics.

Dan D. of Albany, NY took issue with the Police Academy Awards: Look I love "The Gutt" (Steve Guttenburg) as much as the next man,......but let's be real here. Michael Winslow got robbed. Mouth noises and kung fu! The big award for "Gutt" but throw Jonesy a bone, brother.

First off, let me say that I do not beleive that I am in any way related to you and am definitely not your brother. Now let me just say that I am a big fan of Michael Winslow's work, but Jonesy was in a tough category to begin with and the voting was very close. Unfortunately I think the voters took into account that Winslow appeared in not only Mission to Moscow but also the televsion series, but not the animated series. Many Police Academy fans don't exactly embrace the Moscow Mission, nor the TV series and this definitely hurt Jones' stock. The question you really should be asking is who is already signed on for the 2007 Police Academy movie already in pre-production. And the answer, because I like to keep my readers informed, is Guttenburg, Winslow, Gaynes, Kazurinsky, Graf, Smith, Ramsey, Easterbrook, Kinsey and Bailey are all in like flint! And yes it is true that Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell were only offered the Miami Vice remake because Winslow and Guttenburg turned it down.

Alright, our last one comes from Paul H. of the historic stockade region of Schenectady, NY:
That's how you (expletive deleted) blog!

Thanks for input Paul, but watch that language, son, this a family blog.

Alright kids, that wraps up another mailbag, keep that mail a comin and until my next blog, keep your ears to the grindstone.

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