Sunday, March 19, 2006


Well folks, I'm not gonna lie I feel like about 8 dollars. And since I'm about 84% today, you only get 84% of this blog. What does that even mean? I don't know. But yesterday was the best day ever! And the worse. And now day three in poem form:

We woke about a eleven
Get outta bed around noon
Off to burrito heaven
It was Bombers for some food

Beers, burritos, tacos
And some low lights to set the mood
Tucker was up for some chili
To wit we resounded with a big fat, "NO"!

We ate, drank, laughed
and soon were out the door
The Brew Crew was up next
For a big old beer score

Aisles and aisles of beer
For us to procure
We mixed and matched
And were done with the beer store

A quick car ride
and we were back at the pad
I had an Eye of the Hawk
and it weren't to bad

Some of the fellas took to a nap
I watched basketball
Spilling beer in my lap
and knew we were in for the long haul

Dunford brought us some chicken
from Popeye's of course
I was feeling awful
and revelled in Tennessee getting Shocked

It took us a bit
to find our second wind
but some coffee had
ECP and the gang goin all in

The Night Sky Cafe
allowed us to gather our slots
Intellectual convrsation
Or at least as intellectual as we get

We headed out to the inn
for some beers and good times
We watched UCLA winn
As I was ready to die

Next we took ours
and headed to "Yours"
A little known stop
On the Electric City tours

Dumplings, chicken
A few cross-dressers in store
The High Life we were drinkin
And livin for sure

We still had life in us
Much to our surprise
The Van Dyck it was
This plan seemed so wise

But alas it was closed
No Van Dyck for us
The Grog we supposed
The next stop for this bus.

I split a burger with Javen
Containing bacon and cheese
We were in a burger haven
I asked for some of the pickle, please

Back to the crib
for some Arrested Development and beer
But after one sip
Our slumber was near

Another day in the books
A bit closer to death
One more day to go
And we put the great experiment to rest

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