Tuesday, January 23, 2007


That's right, it is time to for the state of the blog address here at"Bitterness". First and foremost, thank you to you, the loyal readers and members of Bitterness Nation. You've stood by the blog through thick and thin. Through the dry spells when there were no blogs, you were there. When the blogs were, well, less than spectacular, which, although rare, does happen, you were there. We here at "Bitterness" extend a whole-hearted thank you, to you, as you are what really keeps this blog going, day in and day out.

Over the past year, many events have taken place, things have happened. Good, bad and ugly. Some have been documented, others not so much. For instance our headquarters have moved for the fourth time since our inception. We have added an iPod and a cat. "Bitterness" has come a long way since our meager beginnings. We've aged, and, I like to think matured, since we first started. We've added pictures, some that aren't even from the internets and links. While some things have changed, we like to think we have stayed true to our blogging roots. But we will of course continue to move forward in our efforts to bring you the very best. But you can't move forward without looking back.

A lot has happened here at "Bitterness" in a years time. As already mentioned we added links to several other blogs of note. We opened the year with our first ever Mailbag, which met with rave reviews. Into February we went, with a look at how to make watching Super Bowl XL enjoyable, SU basketball, and said hello to our first and only Face-Off thus far as Gary Coleman ousted Emmanuel Lewis. We bid a fond farewell to Arrested Development, the show, not the band, and lambasted FOX. We looked at the wondrous sport of curling and gave you the Police Academy Awards. March was madness as we've, through Sitemeter added a counter to tabulate the number of hits we get here at "Bitterness" as well as information as to where those hits come from and why. We were happy to see that "Bitterness" Nation extends allover the world, from Medford, Oregon all the way to Senegal. Then it was college hoops time and we brought plenty of hoop-la and blogging on location in the Electric City itself, Schenectady, NY.

While we continued our constant war on terrorism, blog terrorism that is, we also introduced the 80s Baseball Cafe which met with words of praise from one of our favorite bloggers, Electric City Paul, a real mench, who was eager to dub me his blogging idol. While that was a bit much, we always appreciate kind words from our readers. We let ESPN know what we thought of their efforts and gave you "your blog of blogs". We brought back Saturday Night's Main Event and did some investigating into the whole Major League Baseball steroid scandal and we feel that because of our help you will never here from Shawn Boskie ever again. Most of the last quarter was spent making picks for the NFL Games, with a taste of Philadelphia thrown in the mix. Also we entered the terrible twos. That's right in September we turned 2! Lots of people tell us that "Bitterness" doesn't look a day over one and to them, we say, "Stop, you are too kind." We were not able to celebrate any championships and did not make this year's US Curling team, but there's always 2010. But we, like Mark McGwire, are not here to dicuss the past. So what does the future have in store for "Bitterness"? Well we're glad you asked.

We have a lot of great things on the horizon here at "Bitterness" including more shirtless Guttenburg. We of course we have the Willies as well as my College Hoops T-Shirt rankings. on the way. There will be plenty more of that good 'ol fashioned mailbag you know and love. We will continue in our war on terrorism, give you even more Kitna, our TV BCS, our Grammys and Oscars previews, and much, much more. Including our big announcement that does in no way involve the resurrection of Johnathan Silverman's career. There will of course be more idiocy, tomfoolery, antics, and shenanigans than you can shake a stick at, whatever the heck that means. We will also try and be more diverse, yes more references to Seven Mary Three, Peter Cetera, and Charles S. Dutton as ROC. But rest assured we will not in any way reduce our refernces to 80s baseball or sitcoms. I mean, after all,what is a blog without constant reminders of Jim Pankovits, Razor Shines, Brook Jacoby, Greg Swindell, Floyd Bannister, Marty Barrett, Steve Jeltz, Scott Bailes, Scott Baio, Willie Aames, Mark Linn Baker, ALF, Who's the Boss?, Silver Spoons, or Mr. Belvedere, just to name a few.

We feel that the future here at "Bitterness" is big and bright, and we are pumped. We hope you are excited as well and that you will continue with us through 2007 on into 2008. It all starts with our Super Bowl pregame which starts Friday, because the 6 and a half hour CBS pregame just ain't enough. Let's make America great again! 33 to 1 says we can do it!HUZZAH!

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