Wednesday, December 17, 2008


  • Remember several weeks ago when the Giants, Redskins, and Cowboys were gonna be the three NFC east teams heading to the playoffs?
  • Or how about when Donovan NcNabb didn't know that tying was possible and the Eagles were done for?
  • Or, or how about when everyone thought the Bills could put the wagon in cruise control and coast into the playoffs?
  • Or when Brett Favre was fallible?
  • Or when Chris Berman was original and funny?
  • Or when Sportscenter was actually informative and funny?
  • Or when Mike Vick wasn't in prison?
  • Or remember Dante Hall?
  • Or when Devin Hester was a return threat?
  • Or when Ladanian Tomlinson was a threat at all?
  • Or how about when Kerry Collins was just a drunken punchline?
  • Or when Gus Frerotte was just a punchline?
  • Or when people in "the know" expected big things from the Jaguars?
  • Or when Chad Ocho Cinco was just Chad Johnson, and actually caught passes?
  • Or when Marvin Lewis cared?
  • Or when the Rams were turning their season around with Jim Haslett?
  • Or when the Panthers weren't the best team in football?
  • Or when people cared about the Pro Bowl rosters? Okay I guess that was probably never true.
  • Or how Romeo Crennel was a genius?
  • Or when Pacman Jones wasn't in trouble?
  • Or when the Bengals showed promise and were on the rise?
  • Or when no one knew how clueless Andy Reid was?
  • Or when John Madden provided insight?
  • Or when Sean Payton and the Saints were ready to take the world by storm?
  • Or when people thought Aaron Rodgers would make Green Bay forget about Brett Favre?
  • Or when no one had heard of Tyler Thigpen?
  • Or Dan Orlovsky?
  • Or when there were some creative end zone dances?
  • Or when you didn't love you some "Shirtless Gutenburg"?


  1. * When Jeremy Shockey was a big pickup?
    * When Trent Edwards was an MVP candidate?
    * When Trung was a Canidate?
    * When Amp Lee wasn't a description about how Lindsay Lohan filled out a bra?
    * When no one had any clue who Mike Smith was?
    * When Jake Long was a good #1 overall pick over Matt Ryan?
    * When Matt Cassel was a bum?
    * When the Jets were The Team To Beat?
    * When 0-16 seemed impossible?
    * When Derek Anderson was a good fantasy pick? (The son of a bitch.)
    * When Kurt Warner's wife got kicked off "Dancing With the Stars"?
    * When Eli Manning was just Peyton's large-tongued younger brother?
    * When Steve Smith didn't talk as much shit as Stephen A. Smith?
    * When Terrell Owens wasn't causing trouble for that one week?