Wednesday, December 03, 2008


For this week's picks we're gonna get our Seuss on:

RAMS are at CARDINALS, two touchdown dogs. Rams look to be playing in all sorts of fogs. Warner and company score points in bunches, Haslett and the Rams continually take punches. The Cardinals will win undoubtedly, by a lopsided score of 31 to one-three.

The BROWNS head to Nashville to clash with the TITANS. But will we have any Braylon Edwards sightins? Titans should have no problems here, the Browns should be looking on, towards next year. With slashes and dashes from Jeff Fisher's men, Titans will win 27-10.

BENGALS and COLTS will spar in Indy, a regular old-fashioned barbindy. Colts have the playoffs in their sight, Bengals time to go fly a kite. Coach Dungy should be feeling fine, after the Colts win by nine.

CHARGERS will be looking to thump the RAIDERS, and in so doing dismiss some haters. Razzle madazzle riggledy-do, Chargers will bin by 22.

CHIEFS and BRONCOS will meet in Denver, probably leading to more Broncos splendor. Cutler should have a fantastical day, zipping that ball every which way. Boom, frack, lima bean, Broncs win by seventeen.

VIKINGS and LIONS gettin' ready to tussle, with Vikings missing some of their muscle. Zip, zap, gizzards goo, Lions will be lucky if they lose by less then thirty-two.

EAGLES at GIANTS in a big time scruzzle, McNabb and Reid causing all sorts of buzzle. Giants are rolling, rolling, rolling along, while the Eagles are trapped in some tragic song. Whoops and woos, hollers, gazoos, 17-7, Eagles will lose.

JAGUARS and BEARS headed for a dazzley-do, with zizzle and zazzle and slight bally-hoo. Urlacher will run, he will crunch, Jaguars will be the Bears' lunch. Bears win 21-12, leaving the Jags none so swelve.

TEXANS at PACKERS, hardly a scrubber, Packers should give the Texans a drubber. Packers will look pretty keen, winning 20-thirteen.

REDSKINS and RAVENS ready for a bamboosher, rabblin and rubblin' down for a swoosher. Its Lewis and Taylor in a mabmle badamble, chasing down Flacco and yes Campbell. A down and dirty funleven, Redskins will beat 'em 13-seven.

PATRIOTS at SEAHAWKS ready for a jumbo jambaloo, Bill Belichik twenty-three skadoo. Pats need victory, over the hawks of the sea. With Cassel a -hurlin' away, Seahawks are in for a long, long day. Seattle be prepared for big humberdeen, Patriots on top 37-seventeen.

JETS at NINERS zip, zip, zizazzle, old man Favre king of the cazzle. The slinger for sure will better the Gore. Jets are goodies, the Niners poor, Jets win it 31-24.

FALCONS at SAINTS for Sunday go fun day, loser goes away. Brees a-huckin and chuckin, Falcons a-pluckin'! If Falcons could win it'd be great, but me thinks Saints triumph 31-twenty-eight.

COWBOYS and STEELERS headed for a blammy jammy, with Roethlisberger and Romo ready to slammy. Snoddlers, weezlers, an Hines Ward, Steelers over Cowboys 28-twenty four.

BUCCANEERS mash with PANTHERS in a jibberty wiggit, you know Steve Smith will soytantly dig it. Bucs in need of a splash, must block up the Panthers' dash. Bucs won't like the final score, Panthers razzle by four.

DOLPHINS and BILLS jumbled up in Canada, Bills hoping to bring plenty of fan-ada. Should be a regular clap-dangler, with the Bills playing the part of the mooble-mop mangler. Slippity, slappity if you know what I mean, Bills take it 20-thirteen.


  1. "Whoops and woos, hollers, gazoos, 17-7, Eagles will lose."

    I like the cut of your gib good sir.

  2. I hereby proclaim you "Poet Laureate" of the blogosphere

  3. Sorry Toast, apparently me being adamant about a Giants win is very bad luck.