Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Well we are just hours away from the 2007 NFL season kicking off, so that means it's about time for us to roll out our Week One picks. Now, unfortuantely we are not quite ready to unveil all the picks just yet, but we will give you a brief taste with our Colts-Saints prediction, with the "Week One Picks" to follow sometime thereafter. So be on the lookout and sorry for the delay, it's been a heavy blogging week.

SAINTS @ COLTS- This was almost the Super Bowl matchup last season, and both teams seem at least as good as last year, so we should be in for a dandy of an opener. Both teams are pretty balanced, with a very good offense. The big question is which defense shows up for the Colts? The one that was shredded by the run most of the season or the one that flat out shut down opponents' running games in the playoffs? Well, irregardless, I think we're in for a shootout, and as good as Drew Brees can be, it's Peyton Manning for pete sake! Colts 42-31

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